• Here's why Naomi was recast for Hell On Wheels season 4. 1 / 9

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  • Hell On Wheels stars Anson Mount as ex-confederate soldier Cullen. 2 / 9

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  • Anson recently received great reviews for his turn as Captain Pike on Star Trek: Discovery. 3 / 9

  • The fourth season saw a new actress portray Cullen's mormon bride Naomi. 4 / 9

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  • The character had previously been played by Siobhan Williams (Deadly Class). 5 / 9

  • She was replaced in season 4 by MacKenzie Porter due to schedule conflicts with ABC's Black Box. 6 / 9

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  • The showrunners also wanted the character to feel a little older compared to her season 3 appearance. 7 / 9

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  • The series came to a close with season 5, with Cullen eventually having to leave his wife and their child. 8 / 9

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