It's Heather's Turn in the New Trailer for the Heathers Series

Shannen Doherty is back in the full trailer for the reimagined Heathers TV series, which premieres on March 7.

As a reboot of 1988's cult movie, Heathers will introduce a whole new generation of high school meanies and flip the formula on its head with the titular Heathers being played by a more diverse cast of actors when compared to the original. That isn't to say that Paramount's show won't be a faithful homage to Michael Lehmann's movie, but take it as more of a rough blueprint.

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Doherty played the original Heather Duke, and she returns to Daniel Waters' series complete with her signature hairstyle and red bow. After a brief teaser, fans can get a look at the full trailer for Heathers which is suitably NSFW. Promising an equally high body count to the movie, the Heathers trailer gives us a bleak look at high school life in this Instagram savvy age of the millennials. With buzz words like Banana Republic, body positive, and flawless, Heathers has definitely had an update in the past 30 years.

We already know that the sociopathic J.D. becomes the eventual villain of the piece, and James Scully looks like a perfect replacement for Christian Slater's 1988 stint. However, the highlight of the trailer is Doherty's brief appearance, wearing a lab coat and uttering the line, "Whatever you do, make sure it matters." This will be Doherty's first role since battling cancer, and while we still don't know who she will be playing, she looks like a woman not to be messed with while pointing a gun at the camera.

Also starring Grace Victoria Cox, James Scully, and Selma Blair, the new Heathers will have all the murder and plotting that we fell in love with all those years ago. However, executive producer Jason Micallef says that there will be some major changes, so don't expect it to be a carbon copy of the movie. Airing on the network in March, Heathers is expected to join the trend of anthology TV shows, with each season focussing on a new cast of vicious characters.

Cox will play the new Veronica Saywer (originally played by Winona Ryder) who longs to return to her life of nerdy friends away from the clique of three girls named Heather. Although teenage life has changed dramatically since the '80s, Heathers will stick with the dark vibe and black comedy of its predecessor. While some will still disagree with the idea of a gender-queer male, a black lesbian, and an overweight girl taking over from Doherty, Lisanne Falk, and Kim Walker, at least the trailer gives hope that we should give Heathers a chance.

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