Heather Locklear Joins New CBS Pilot ‘The Assistants’

Former Melrose Place and Melrose Place reboot star Heather Locklear is headed back to television in the new CBS comedy, The Assistants.

In between her roles as Amanda Woodward in the ‘90s hit series Melrose Place, and the subsequent short-lived CW revamp a decade later, Locklear has guest starred on shows like Scrubs and Boston Legal, while also taking roles in films like Uptown Girls and A Perfect Man. Moving to a starring role in a television sitcom, though, will be nothing new; the actress also c0-stared in the ABC sitcom Spin City, for its final three seasons.

The Assistants, an ensemble sitcom from Everybody Loves Raymond and Parks and Recreation writer Tucker Cawley, centers on the four personal assistants of an A-list celebrity couple. Locklear will play one half of the couple as Ali, a big name actress who, after a long and successful career in Hollywood, has become a neurotic mess with wild mood swings.

The series will primarily be focused on the assistants for whom the show is named, though. David Henrie (How I Met Your Mother) will play Mike, a fresh-off-the-bus assistant who happens to be from the same small Pennsylvania town as Locklear’s Ali. Helping Mike ingratiate himself with Ali and her husband - in the hopes it will lead to better opportunities in Hollywood - will be T.J. Miller (Cloverfield, She’s Out of my League). Emily Rutherfurd (The New Adventures of Old Christine) and Lamorne Morris (To Have & Have More) have been cast as the couple’s other besieged assistants.

As far as gigs go, answering to the whims of Heather Locklear probably isn’t so bad. For the sake of the show, answering to the whims of a crazy person who looks like Locklear had better be funny. And while the actress will no doubt be a draw for many viewers, the pilot's chance of getting picked up as a series will ultimately hinge on the ability of the cast to work effectively as an ensemble.

So far, Miller seems to be the most accomplished in the realm of comedy – in fact, his bit part in last summer’s Get Him to the Greek as the drug-dealing-concierge-cum-reluctant-stabbing-victim was one of the more memorable parts of the film.

Look for Miller to be a standout should The Assistants make it to series this fall.

Source: Deadline

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