Heartlock Trailer: Alexander Dreymon Wants To Break Out of Prison

Darkstar Pictures has released a trailer for the upcoming prison break drama Heartlock, starring Alexander Dreymon, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Erik LaRay Harvey. All three of the film's stars are probably best known for their work on the small screen over the years. Dreymon played a recurring role on American Horror Story: Coven and has starred in all three seasons of The Last Kingdom (where he plays the Uhtred of Bebbanburg) so far. Brandt, meanwhile, has appeared on shows like The Librarians and Spartacus, but may be best known for playing Mazikeen on Lucifer. As for Harvey: odds are you recognize him as either Dunn Purnsley from Boardwalk Empire or Willis "Diamondback" Stryker on Marvel's Luke Cage.

In Heartlock, Dreymon portrays Lee Haze, a New York prison inmate who's still got nineteen years left on his sentence. Desperate to escape, Lee approaches Continental (Harvey), an older prisoner who's mastered the art of manipulating guards into serving his interests. Acting on Continental's advice, Lee begins to woo a female guard named Tera Sharpe (Brand), in an effort to get her to help him break out. The power struggle between the three is highlighted in the film's trailer.

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As an exclusive to Screen Rant, the Heartlock trailer is now online. You can check it out in the space below.

The Heartlock trailer does a nice job of making it clear why Lee is already desperate to break out of prison, showing just how hellish his experience behind bars has been after just seven months. Somehow, Lee knows Tera went to Heartlock high school (hence the film's title) and uses that knowledge to get closer to her, even though she's clearly suspicious of him from the get-go. Of the film's three leads, however, it's Continental who might be the most intriguing right now. The character seems a bit like Red from The Shawshank Redemption, if Red was far more cutthroat about getting the guards under his thumb and having them do things much worse than, say, sneaking in cigars for the prisoners. Harvey has long excelled at playing charismatic antagonists, which makes him all the better fit to play someone like that.

Behind the camera, Heartlock marks Jon Kaufffman's feature directorial debut, based on a script he cowrote with fellow (relative) newcomer Chris Cummings. The film's premise is reminiscent of Ben Stiller's Showtime drama Escape at Dannemora, but otherwise stands apart as its own unique take on the prison drama genre. The film might not have the star power to draw a big crowd, but it's also coming out in late January, which is generally not a great time when it comes to mainstream film releases. With Glass being one of the few promising movies arriving next month, that's all the more reason to take a chance on Heartlock when it gets here.

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Heartlock begins playing in U.S. theaters and On Demand starting January 25, 2019.

Source: Darkstar Pictures

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