Trailer for Short Film 'Heartless: The Story of the Tinman'

“Here is a story you think you know, but do not.” So the tagline goes for the new short film Heartless: The Story of the Tinman by Whitestone Motion Pictures.

Heartless was written and directed by Brandon McCormick and co-written by Charlie Wetzel, both of Whitestone Motion Pictures. It’s based on the original classic story by L. Frank Baum (Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and tells the story of how the Tinman ended up the way he was when Dorothy found him in the woods. It stars Elizabeth Keener (The Golden Samovar) as the Maiden, Mark Ashworth (That’s Magic!) as the Tinner and Joshua Harrison (Gun Town) as the Woodsman/Tinman.

Mackenzie Reiland from Whitestone told me:

“The idea came from reading the source material in Wonderful Wizard of Oz and realizing how powerful and relevant the myth of the Tinman really is. The myth speaks to a modern perspective on how we can lose our hearts in this world. “

Whitestone has recently released the trailer for The Story of the Tinman and after watching it 2 or 3 times, I have to say it looks fantastic. Watch it below and see if you agree:

The movie fan and blog sites are always complaining about all the remakes, reboots and bad toy movie ideas that Hollywood keeps dishing out and how we want to see more original concepts and ideas for films. Well, Heartless certainty falls into the latter category.

The concept and story behind the film is so simple and intriguing it makes me wonder why no major studio ever capitalized on it before. I read Baum’s book as a child and, of course, I’ve watched the classic film and the not-so-classic Disney sequel ,but I’ve never thought about the background story behind each of the characters.

When I asked Reiland if Whitestone plans to make additional short films on the stories behind the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion he said:

“If there is interest, we would love to go after them. The other stories are equally potent and profound. L. Frank Baum knew what he was doing when he wrote Wizard of Oz. We're just trying to live up to the excellence of his storytelling.”

I’m just going to throw this out there – forget the upcoming Avengers movie. I now want to see a set of three feature-length films based on the background stories of the Tinman, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, which all lead up to a major remake of The Wizard of Oz. Each film would end where Dorothy winds up meeting them. Now THAT would be something original and could possibly be extraordinary to watch. Of course, because it’s an original idea for a series of films, Hollywood won’t do it but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream!

What did you think of the trailer for Heartless: The Story of the Tinman and what would you think about watching a full-length version of the film in theaters?

Heartless: The Story of the Tinman will be traveling the Film Festivals this year and you can watch the entire film for free at Whitestone Motion Pictures website in April.

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Source: Whitestone Motion Pictures

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