Call Skeletor: The He-Man Movie Is Dead

But none of them are Skeletor.

First up is producer Silver, who is probably one of the most prolific action film producers ever.  His film resume includes Die Hard and Die Harder, the Lethal Weapon films, The Matrix trilogy, and more.  Unfortunately, his relationship with WB soured this year when (among other things), Speed Racer bombed BIG time.  Also, it looks like Lethal Weapon 5 died when he snubbed long-time director Richard Donner to return to helm the film, and Mad Mel Gibson dropped out due to the exclusion of Donner from the project.

Next, it sounds like the script by Justin Marks was pretty awful (although Latino Review liked it).  And on top of that, big-time directors turned the film down - including Bryan Singer.  And finally, the exec who was shepherding the film, Navid McIlhargey?  He left for a sweet position at another company, New Regency.  Without a big-time cheerleader like that behind a movie, it's DOA.

So it looks like we aren't getting He-Man on the big screen anytime soon.

Source: Latino Review

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