HBO's Divorce Heads Back to Square One in Season 2 Trailer

Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church in Divorce Season 2

Sarah Jessica Parker may have disappointed fans with the announcement that Sex and the City 3 was dead in the water, but for those in the mood for something a little darker and a whole lot more cynical (but still funny), HBO is there for you with Divorce season 2. The anti-romantic comedy from Catastrophe co-creator Sharon Horgan is set to cover the aftermath of Frances and Robert Dufresne's contentious separation last season by seeing where life takes the former couple now that the ink has dried on their divorce papers.

The first look trailer is underscored by Beck's new song 'Square One', which seems fitting considering how much Frances and Robert struggle to acknowledge that's precisely where they are. Mostly, though, the trailer works to demonstrate exactly where the relationship is headed now that they are firmly entrenched as the "ex" in one another's lives. That also helps to convey to the audience how a show called "Divorce" will move forward now that the eponymous separation has already happened. The answer, it seems, is that while Frances and Robert are no longer married, they still act very much like a couple.

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There're the telltale signs of moving on from a breakup – mostly on Robert's behalf, as he finally shaves off the mustache that Frances disapproved of all last season. There's even a hint of the old spark between them when his ex-wife see's his freshly shorn mug, but for the most part, it's business as usual for the two, which means plenty of bickering and pushing one another's buttons. For Robert that means proclamations of post-marriage sexual conquests that, ridiculous as they may sound, still manage to irk Frances.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church in Divorce Season 2

Mostly, though, Divorce season 2 seems interested in finding the answer Frances seeks when she asks, "Now what?" – which is probably the very same question on the minds of those who watched season 1. Robert suggests the two attempt to live amicably apart, with both taking care of their respective "sides of the street", but it soon becomes clear that will be easier said than done.

In all, the trailer doesn't reveal too much about the upcoming season other than to confirm the show's title belongs in the past tense. And considering creator Sharon Horgan's track record with finding the funny in dysfunctional relationships and making them work on television, it's a good bet that there's still plenty for the show to discover about its characters post-divorce. At any rate, all that friction should make for some fun mid-winter viewing when the new season premieres in January 2018.

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Divorce season 2 premieres in January 2018.

Source: HBO

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