Fancasting the Characters of HBO's Watchmen TV Show

Neil Patrick Harris as Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias

The role of Ozymandias is perhaps one of the most difficult roles to cast, as it requires both the trappings of a tradition supervillain - evil lairs, twisted plots, and flashy costumes - with a genuine desire to do the right thing. Veidt might do a lot of bad throughout the novel but his goal is world peace, albeit at a terrible cost. For the role of the acrobatic anti-villain, Neil Patrick Harris could truly shine. While he's not as bulked up as his comic counterpart, Harris has shown he can be menacing in his own right in Gone Girl and A Series of Unfortunate Events. He's also charming, which would serve Veidt's public persona well. Harris might be the wildcard choice, but casting him would show a desire to shake things up and would draw in more audiences, as Harris is a bonafide star. It would also be a way for him to shake off the Barney Stinson persona once and for all.

Laura Dern as Sally Jupiter a.k.a. Silk Spectre I

Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre and mother to Laurie Jupiter, is just as complex and interesting as her daughter. Laura Dern, who recently received rave reviews for her turn in HBO's Big Little Lies, would definitely be able to handle the twisty inner workings of Sally, who clings to the past and the glory left behind. No stranger to genre work - after all she is going to be in the next Star Wars film and who could forget Jurassic Park - Dern would bring not only Sally's glamor to life, but also the weight of all she has been through, as well as her guilt and regret. She and Cardenelli would work well together as a tense mother-daughter pair as well, and the two would get some of the most powerful scenes in the series; having two talented actresses give life to these characters would make up for the film adaptation selling them both short.

Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Malcom Long

Full disclosure: this casting was inspired by Screen Rant's other list of dream Watchmen players. Dr. Malcom Long might not be a main player, but his story provides the emotional weight to one of the comics's most tense volumes. Long is the psychologist assigned to Rorschach in prison, and as he uncovers more and more about the vigilante's psyche, he finds it disturbing him on a personal and professional level. Wright is an immensely talented performer who would bring gravitas and emotion to the character, who could easily be forgettable. Another HBO vet - this time for Boardwalk Empire and Westworld - Wright has a knack for crafting memorable characters who stand out from the crowd. His addition to the series would ensure that Long is as memorable as a character as the major players in the story. Besides, he and Michael K. Williams were magic facing off in Boardwalk Empire, and it'd be a treat to see them onscreen together again.

John Goodman as Bernard

Another minor character who managed to stand out from the crowd, Bernard is a cantankerous older man who runs a newspaper stand and who develops a friendship with a young man also named Bernard. With the comics being adapted into a TV series, that gives Lindelof and company time to expand these minor characters, most of whom were left out of the film version. While this might be a long shot, John Goodman would do well in the part, which would be small enough (and most likely only last a season) that it wouldn't trap him on HBO for years. He'd also bring a bluster to the role that would be immensely likable, which would endear audiences to Bernard which in turn would make his final fate all the more poignant.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Young Bernard

Another small, yet meaningful, role is that of young Bernard, the teen who is befriended by the older Bernard and who, towards the climax of the film, shares one of the most emotional moments of the series with him. Despite the role's size, it's still a chance for a younger actor to get some notice, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. deserves the chance to stand out in an ensemble. After drawing critical praise for his turn in It Comes at Night, Harrison could easily make the jump to television with a role like this, one that would most likely only last a season and that would hopefully lead to bigger and better things.

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