HBO's 'The Pacific' Trailer


HBO is bringing us The Pacific, a WWII story of what went down in the Pacific while the men from Band of Brothers were fighting in Europe.

The series is based on the memoirs of Eugene Sledge and Robert Leckie, both of whom were Marines that served in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  It was produced by (you guessed it) Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks (both of whom produced BoB) and Gary Goetzman (producer of Charlie Wilson's War).  Joseph Mazzello and James Badge Dale have tackled the roles of Sledge and Leckie, respectively.  John Seda rounds out the lead parts playing Sergeant John Basilone.  Mazzello played the little boy in Jurassic Park (!) all those years ago, Dale popped up in The Departed and The Black Donnellys and Seda's a former boxer who appeared in Twelve Monkeys and more recently, Bad Boys II.

Here's the trailer for The Pacific. Dig in:

Here's hoping The Pacific can match up to Band of Brothers while somehow not feeling like a rehash.  The speech that Lt. Spiers gave in Band of Brothers about embracing death was one of the most powerful and memorable things I've ever seen on TV.  If they can pull off just a couple moments like that in The Pacific, I'd be thrilled.

I've begrudgingly accepted the notion that the majority of television HBO touches turns to gold. Their approach of taking highly romanticized and curiosity-piquing concepts (the mafia, the old west, trendy life in a big city, vampires, being young and famous, etc. etc.) and adding human moments that allow us to relate to these extraordinary lives, has brought them well-deserved success for the last decade or so.  I'd say The Pacific is one of the best bets for quality TV viewing next year.  Do you agree?

The Pacific will hit our living rooms in March of 2010.

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