HBO Makes The Leftovers Series Finale Available Online For One Week

The Leftovers series finale has been made available by HBO online for free, for exactly one week. The series, which wrapped up its three-season run on HBO earlier this month, had two salient facts about it: It was absolutely adored by its fans, who included several of America’s most influential TV critics, and it always drew extremely low ratings and was never any kind of mainstream hit.

The series finale of The Leftovers showed something else: Unlike co-creator Damon Lindelof’s previous series, Lost, it had a conclusion that was loved by just about everyone who was a fan of the series. The series finale, which was titled 'The Book of Nora' and aired on June 4, may have left Leftovers fans arguing about certain ambiguities, especially about a certain final monologue. But partisans of the show were mostly in agreement that they loved it. Now, HBO is giving those fans another chance to see the finale.

HBO has posted the complete 72-minute final episode of The Leftovers to its YouTube channel, bypassing HBO Go, HBO Now and its other premium services. According to the network, the episode will be online for one week. Watch it above.

The network has occasionally posted series online for free, usually for season premieres of Veep and Silicon Valley. But 'The Book of Nora' is the first time a series finale has been made available weeks after its airing.

Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux in The Leftovers Series Finale

Without spoiling anything, we can be clear that giving the finale another watch is a worthwhile endeavor for fans of The Leftovers. That’s because the final scene contains a bit of information that could be interpreted one of two ways, and the rest of the episode contains all sorts of clues as to watch one is ultimately correct. And of course, the the final monologue by Carrie Coon itself is so beautifully acted that it deserves to be watched over and over again -- probably the most affecting final scene of an HBO series since Six Feet Under in 2005.

Then again, if you’ve never seen The Leftovers before, there’s not much reason to watch the finale, as it’ll like make absolutely no sense to you. Indeed, the episode had only notched just over 800 viewers as of Tuesday afternoon. If you’d like to watch the series from the beginning, HBO Go (or HBO Now) is the place for that.

The Leftovers finale will be available on HBO’s YouTube channel through June 27. The entire series remains available on HBO’s on-demand and streaming channels.

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Source: HBO

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