HBO's 'Rome' Movie Still Marching Forward

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that a movie based on HBO's Rome series is indeed underway. We brought you word almost a year ago that a Rome movie is in the works, and now EW has some early details to share.

As reported in 2009 Bruno Heller, who wrote and executive produced the series, is writing the movie script as well; the film will be produced by Morning Light Productions.

The only question that remains is which epoch of Rome will the movie focus on and which cast members will be featured on the big screen?

According to EW:

Series stars Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) and Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) will likely sign onto the movie, which picks up in Germany four years after the series ended. The next step for Morning Light is to find a director and a studio, since HBO Films won’t be involved.

Interesting, that last part about HBO Films not being involved with the project. People tend to associate the name "HBO Films" with quality, so hearing that this Rome movie won't be waving that banner might make some fans a bit leery. No worries though: if the principal cast and the original writer are all coming back, I have faith.

The only thing to do is figure out how to handle Vorenus: last we saw he was seemingly on his death bead, so hearing that Kevin McKidd will return to reprise the role is kind of funny (McKidd himself spoke on that subject recently).

For now, all is well - I am happy to hear that Rome will be returning to the screen, bigger and (hopefully) better than ever.

No word yet on a release date.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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