HBO Hackers Take Over Network's Social Media Accounts

HBO Social Media Accounts Get Hacked

In a continuing string of hacks against the company, both the HBO and Game of Thrones social media accounts have been hacked. There are few networks in the world right now too, who have the same kind of familiarity with online leaks and piracy like HBO does. Despite Game of Thrones being known as one of the most popular shows in the history of television - with its popularity just growing from season to season - the fantasy hit series has been subject to large amounts of online pirating for several years now. But while HBO began responding to the show's online piracy numbers earlier this year, that's proven to be less and less of a pressing issue for the network.

Beginning with an online hack that resulted in the leak of a Game of Thrones season 7 script, things have continued to go downhill since then. Not only was one of the biggest Game of Thrones episodes ever leaked online several days before its premiere, but dozens and dozens of major spoilers from this season's remaining episodes have been surfacing online, as a result of the hack.

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In case that wasn't already enough, though, HBO was subject to yet another unexpected hacking experience last night (h/t Variety). Indeed, the notorious hacking group, OurMine, briefly took over the HBO and Game of Thrones social media accounts, in order to show how apparently weak the network's online security measures are. The hacking group is well-known for hijacking the Twitter accounts of major companies like Netflix, Marvel, and Google in recent years. You can check out one of their tweets for yourself below:

BREAKING: Yet another hack problem for HBO tonight...this time to it's social media accounts

— Andrew Wallenstein (@awallenstein) August 17, 2017

HBO was quick to take down the OurMine tweets last night, but this is still, no doubt, yet another worrisome headache that those within the popular media company didn't need to worry about right now. And considering that season 7 of Game of Thrones has proven to be the show's biggest and most revelatory to date, it's a shame that the show has had to suffer so many leaks and early spoiler reports before it could really even finish its story.

With a shortened 7-episode order, Game of Thrones only has two more installments left to air before this current season wraps, with the finale being the longest-episode in Game of Thrones history. But for what it's worth, the hacks and early leaks don't appear to be slowing down the show's success all that much either. Not only did one of the show's leaked episodes still manage to break a ratings record for the series, but this past Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones broke that record again. It will be interesting then to see how this week's penultimate episode of Game of Thrones does ratings-wise, especially since two international HBO networks accidentally aired it five days early - before its intended premiere this coming Sunday night.

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Game of Thrones continues with 'Beyond the Wall' on Sunday, August 20.

Source: Variety

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