Barry Trailer: Bill Hader’s Looking To Make A Killing On Stage

Next month, HBO launches its newest comedy Barry, and the marketing blitz has officially begun with the release of a third trailer that reveals more story details and sets up the reasons for why Bill Hader’s midwestern hitman finds himself bitten by the acting bug. Created by Hader and Silicon Valley’s Alec Berg, the series has been in the works for quite some time, and with a very funny premise that also promises to present the SNL alum in a whole new light, Barry stands a chance of being the premium network’s next breakout hit.

So far, previews have laid out the series’ basic premise: Barry, a disillusioned hitman finds his true calling when a job leads him to California and, as luck would have it, an acting class taught by Henry Winkler’s Gene Cosineau. Much to the chagrin of Barry’s handler Fuches (Stephen Root), the hired gun is adamant about making a change and starting over with the community of actors he’s found.

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The new trailer offers a few more details about Barry’s trip to California, in particular the man he’s been supposed to do away with. But it also sheds some light on the cast of characters from the acting class he stumbles into, and why a hitman would become so enamored with them. In particular, the preview delivers more from Cosineau, while also demonstrating Sarah Goldberg’s Sally Reed is more than the exasperated acting partner seen in snippets from previous trailers.

Here, Reed becomes more of an unwitting instigator for Barry’s life change, telling him, “There’s always a million reasons not to do something, Barry. If you want it, go for it.” Of course, there’s more than a hint of romantic infatuation on Barry’s part as he watches Reed dance in slow motion, which will inevitably complicate an already complicated situation. But, as Cosineau tells Barry, it’s important to “Adapt. Adjust. Let the cat out.” That sage advice seems to have a real effect on the hitman as he later impresses his instructor with a surprising performance that’s no doubt drawing inspiration from his real life.

The series looks to be a solid comedy, one that will make for a nice block of TV when paired with Silicon Valley. HBO has a wide assortment of half-hour comedies in its lineup, but with the tech comedy beginning its fifth season and Veep set to end after its seventh, the premium channel is in need of a new hit to carry it for the next few years. So far, Barry looks like the best bet.

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Barry premieres Sunday, March 25 on HBO.

Source: HBO

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