Shazam! Fan-Made Poster Uses Leaked Suit Set Photo

A fan uses the Shazam! leaked set photo of Zachary Levi in costume as Shazam to create a nifty-looking poster. The newest superhero on the DC Films block, Shazam's origin story is being directed by David F. Sandberg and stars Asher Angel as young Billy Batson and Zachary Levi as his titular alter-ego. Filming is currently underway in Canada but we have yet to get any official promotional materials from the film.

Levi, as well as Sandberg, have been teasing the reveal of Shazam's costume for quite some time now, both posting social media pictures to hype up people for his suit's release. But instead of a proper presser, a less than ideal set photo debuted the actor's superhero garb with only his back profile showing - an unsurprising thing to happen considering the DC project has been shooting out in the open for several days now. Nonetheless, it has sparked online conversations among fans about whether they dig the actor's red and gold ensemble or not.

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Artist MessyPandas took to his official Twitter account and shared his latest creation - an edited version of the leaked Shazam! photo to make it look more aesthetically appealing. Since the snap was secretly taken, its quality is less than ideal for a first look photo, prompting the online illustrator to do something about it to make it look more presentable. The result is solid fan art, although, we could do without Levi's weird hand pose in the image. Check it out below:

Sandberg said that they already have an official photo should there be any leaks of the suit. But days after the set photo hit the internet, Warner Bros. has yet to roll it out, and chances are that it could take a little while longer to arrive. Several trailers are expected to hit online next week, for films including Avengers: Infinity War, Mary Poppins Returns and the live-action adaptation of Christopher Robins. Throwing a first look in the mix, especially after fans have had a glimpse of it already, might not be the best marketing move if they want to garner as much traction for the photo as possible. Unless this is DC's plan all along.

While Levi reiterated that the photo leak wasn't planned, it's curious why it seems Warner Bros. isn't concerned at all that fans' first look at their newest superhero is via a low-quality set photo, inspiring negative opinions on the film even before we all get a proper look at it. Sandberg, who posts on social media from time to time, previously revealed that if it was up to him, he would've already released Shazam!'s first official image, but those kinds of decisions are not up to him. With so much riding on the film's shoulders, being the newest superhero joining the DC Films Universe, we hope that marketing for the movie will be handled better than Justice League's. Both the director and the actors involved are already doing a good job engaging with the fans, Warner Bros. needs to step up their game - especially after the PR nightmare they just had with their first superhero ensemble film.


Source: Messy Pandas

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