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Peggy Carter just can't catch a break. Once one of the most unstoppable forces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hayley Atwell can't seem to find a permanent home at ABC, as the network continues to debate what to do about her new show, Conviction. First appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, Agent Peggy Carter proved to be such a smash hit that she was given her own One-Shot. She then popped up in The Winter Soldier and turned in a heartbreaking scene in the present day with former beau Steve Rogers. After that, the character was given her own series, and Agent Carter debuted in January of 2015. Running for two seasons, Atwell even managed to make the seemingly impossible happen when she reappeared in a film last year. Taking place during the '80s flashback scene that opened Ant-Man, we got a look at her and Howard Stark arguing with the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym.

Since then, Agent Carter was cancelled by ABC due to low ratings and Hayley joined the series Conviction. While the actor still holds out hope for a return to the character, hers and the network's focus seemed to be on the new show for the present. Sadly, last month saw the decision by ABC to not pick up the series past its original order of 13 episodes. They did leave the door open for a second season, but it's not looking good for the freshman drama.

Following the exploits of Hayes Morrison as she reluctantly joins the Conviction Integrity Unit, the role looked to be a chance for Atwell to expand her television acting chops with a more brash and provocative performance. Thanks to a report from Deadline, we now know that when Morrison and her team return in January, they'll be doing so on a new day of the week.

Ready for more? #Conviction will return on Sundays, starting January 1st.

— Conviction (@ABCConviction) December 6, 2016

The move will see the show heading to Sundays, instead of its current slot at 10pm on Mondays. Though this sort of thing is fairly normal for failing TV shows, it also often marks a network attempting to maximize an audience by moving things around and seeing what works better. While it could be a sign that ABC is simply trying to dump the show in a less lucrative slot, it could also mean they're still hoping it can pick up a new audience.

If the show does find more success on Sundays than it did on Mondays, it might just be the boost the show needs to give it another season. That said, Conviction likely isn't long for this world given the way things have progressed thus far. Though we'd never celebrate Atwell losing work, as she's an electric performance with great screen presence, the free schedule could be the final push that gets Agent Carter the new life it deserves. Only time will tell.

Conviction returns Sunday, January 1 at 10 pm EST on ABC.

Source: Deadline

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