Is Hayley Atwell Filming Avengers 4?

Hayley Atwell's latest social media post once again fans the flames of persistent rumors that she may be filming a cameo for the still-untitled upcoming Avengers 4. The British actress' character, Peggy Carter, has already died of natural causes as seen in Captain America: Civil War, but that does not mean that she can't come back to the lore moving forward. With the cumulative nature of the fourth Avengers film as it wraps up the long-running story arc that the franchise has been treading since its inception, Peggy's return - even for a brief moment - is not entirely impossible.

Not much is known regarding the narrative specifics of Avengers 4, but whatever it will be about, the events that will transpire in next year's Avengers: Infinity War will have some ramifications in it. Until then, it is safe to say that Marvel Studios will be mum about the project. But since principal photography for the film is currently ongoing in Atlanta, Georgia, we are treated to bits and pieces of information that we can use to try and speculate about the movie. The latest intel to consider when playing the speculating game involves Atwell supposedly also currently in the southeastern state.

Coming from Atwell's latest Instagram update, we now know that the 35-year-old is also in Georgia. She posted a photo of the book Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh: The Love Story Behind Gone With the Wind on top of a table and it seems like she is enjoying her daily reading and a cup of coffee while hanging out at a cafe. While the image in itself reveals nothing, her caption makes it more intriguing. "Sunny afternoon in Georgia," she wrote. Check out the photo below:  

Sunny afternoon in Georgia

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Last month, everyone got excited by a selfie of the actress with CGI-dots all-over her face prompting people to assume that she'll be back for Avengers 4 and the facial expression trackers are for de-aging or aging process that Marvel seems to have a penchant for using for their films. The actress, however, refuted theories quite quickly revealing that she was filming for Christopher Robin instead. It could be the same case with this new photo but it does not seem like the Disney live-action project is filming Stateside as principal photography is set in the United Kingdom.

Having said that, it is also possible that Atwell is just in Atlanta for other reasons. The state has been the home of several TV and movie production and it could be that the actress is there for an entirely different project. Otherwise, she could just simply be there. It's  a bit odd that she would be so open about announcing that she is in Georgia the same time that Avengers 4 is at the height of filming fully knowing that it would churn the rumor mill once again, unless of course, Marvel wants to keep the interest alive by fueling speculations.

If the Russo brothers (Joe and Anthony) ultimately decide to bring back Peggy (or not) in Avengers 4, there will be no shortage of ways to do so especially if it is tied-up to Captain America's storyline. It probably won't be very big but it will be a great treat for long-time Marvel fans to see her return just for a quick cameo to wrap-up Steve's story shall he bite the bullet in the movie.


Source: Hayley Atwell

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