Hawkman Movie Soon Taking Flight?

The guys over at Collider picked up on a story yesterday that was first floated by Pajiba, regarding DC/WB possibly moving ahead with a Hawkman movie. I don't really have all that much trust in Pajiba, but Collider's report at least warrants us discussing the subject. Good guys over there.

Apparently, since the formation of DC Entertainment earlier this fall, the DCE/WB squad has been working hard on trying to catch up to Marvel in the super hero movie game (makes sense). This is pretty much the point of DCE - streamlining creative properties into profitable multimedia franchises - and reportedly, they are striving to make it happen, including getting some of their second-tier heroes (Hawkman) developed into Iron Man success stories.

Producers like Joel Silver and Akiva Goldman - who have been working with superhero properties for awhile - are being name-dropped as the sort of big guns who will make some of these DCE/WB projects into big screen realities. A few movies that have already gained traction are The Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam! and the upcoming adaptation of Lobo. Well, Hawkman is now rumored to be on deck for a movie makeover.

Of course, a Hawkman movie is one of those things that's been talked about by both fans and Hollywood players alike for...ever, maybe. Well before comic book movies blew up during the "oughties," most of us were already having discussions about seeing our favorite DC superhero(es) on the big screen. "Wouldn't a 'Hawkman' movie be awesome?" was definitely part of the conversation at one point or another.

Hawkman & Hawgirl

There have been several versions of Hawkman in comic book lore. Golden Age Hawkman was Carter Hall, an archaeologist who was the reincarnation of an Egyptian god and wore a gravity-defying belt and fake wings. Silver and Modern Age Hawkman stories have revolved around Katar Hol, an alien police officer from a planet of bird-people who is partnered with Shayera Thal, aka, Hawkgirl. Not sure which one of those stories a Hawkman movie would tackle. They both have their downsides, cinematically speaking.

Lastly, Pajiba claims that we will be hearing "major announcements" from DCE/WB early in 2010, likely regarding upcoming superhero movies and projects. We'll see what develops on that front.

For now, feel free to take this RUMOR as a go-sign for pitching your best Hawkman movie in our comments section. And if you want to see Hawkman definitely appear onscreen in the near future, be sure to check out Smallville's Justice Society special event, which premieres early in 2010.

Sources: Pajiba via Collider

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