Exclusive Preview: DC's Hawkman ARMY Fights Its Final Battle

Hawkman DC Comic Army Versions

The legend of Hawkman has reached its epic conclusion, as Carter Hall finally stands to protect Earth from the cosmic armada he commanded before his immortal cycle of reinarnation began. And with him stands every single version of Hawkman that has ever lived. But it may not be enough.

For fans of DC Comics, that might be hard to believe. After all, few heroes can match Hawkman in terms of strength or combat proficiency, let alone an entire army comprised of his various incarnations. But with our exclusive preview of Hawkman #12 beginning with Earth mere seconds away from total annihilation, Hawkman's legacy is going to need a twist of good fortune--fast.

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The Hawkman series from Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch has felt like a long overdue epic for Carter Hall since its first issue, as the archaeologist/legendary warrior discovered that Hawkman has been reborn across space and time, not merely on Earth. The story got even grander in spectacle when the truth of his reincarnation was explained. Once commander of an army of Deathbringers that slaughtered entire worlds in tribute to a dark god, Carter--sorry, Ktar repented and tossed his entire army into the void.

The bargain he then made with the divine? To save lives until his debt was repaid, reincarnating as countless heroes with the same goal. And in this final issue, all his past selves have united to defeat the Deathbringers once again... or watch Earth burned to a crisp should they fail. Take a look at the preview pages from Hawkman #12 below to get a sense of their chances:

Hawkman Comic 12 Cover
Hawkman Comic 12 Preview 1
Hawkman Comic 12 Preview 2
Hawkman Comic 12 Preview 3
Hawkman Comic 12 Preview 4
Hawkman Comic 12 Preview 5
Hawkman Comic 12 Variant Cover

Readers shouldn't be too worried for Catar-Ol's chances after being blasted in the chest by the Deathbringers' weaponry. Since Catar hails from Krypton and noted in the previous issue that he could already feel Earth's yellow sun super-charging his cells, blasters may be useless. And having a Superman-level fighter in the battle alongside the other versions can't hurt. But with city-destroying cannons almost ready to fire, even a Kryptonian in the line of fire can't save the day. How Hawkman and his Hawkmen are going to make good on their mission is anyone's guess for now, but with Venditti and Hitch so clearly building towards this grand finale, we have no doubts that the full issue will make this story soar.

Until then, readers can check out the full details and synopsis below:

  • HAWKMAN (2019) #12
  • Published: May 8th, 2019
  • Writer: Robert Venditti
  • Art: Bryan Hitch
  • Cover: Bryan Hitch
  • Variant Cover: Julian Totino Tedesco
  • With the battlefield split, Carter and his past lives put together a last-ditch plan to stop the Deathbringers once and for all, but if it should fail, Earth will be doomed and the universe will fall into the hands of the Deathbringers forever!

Hawkman #12 will be available from your local comic book store on May 8th, or direct from DC Comics.

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