Hawkman & Atom's Bromance Finally Returns To DC Comics

The legendary Hawkman is knee-deep in one of his most exciting adventures in years, taking him far away from the rest of the Justice League - and towards a team-up with The Atom on a smaller scale than most superheroes can imagine.

Our preview of Hawkman #5 picks up where last issue left off, as Carter Hall's mission to collect the clues left behind by his past incarnations so he can save the universe. Well, save the mortals on the universe from a group of colossal, godlike, Hawk-beings known as The Deathbringers. It's a story crafted to dig deeper into the Hawkman mythology than ever before. But Carter wasn't expecting the latest clue to shrink him down into DC's Microverse. And Ray Palmer wasn't expecting to find his old teammate asking dangerous questions, either.

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Deathbringers and the secret origin of Hawkman aside, these first pages of Hawkman #5 offer a reunion plenty of classic Justice League fans will sorely miss. These days, the long and storied history of Carter Hall and Ray Palmer's friendship (dare we say bromance?) has been scattered to the winds, with both Hawkman and Atom gently shoved back out of the spotlight.

The good news? No need to worry that this reunion will be short-lived, since Carter is clearly in need of answers that only Ray can offer. The bad news... is that Ray seems anything but eager to tell Carter the meaning behind the strange symbol that brought him down to the sub-atomic foundations of DC's universe. Take a look at the preview pages from Hawkman #5 below:

The solicitations for coming issues promise that Ray Palmer will introduce Carter Hall to the thing that he's after, but send the pair of them into battle for their lives. The previous issues haven't been light on intrigue by any means, as Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch are slowly sketching in the bigger picture. Still, some action might be a sign that Hawkman is getting closer to the secrets teased, about his true purpose spinning out of the bombshell Hawkman twists of DC's METAL, about the Deathbringers he must somehow stop before they kill another world of Hawk-worshippers, and of course, about this trail of breadcrumbs left behind by what Carter assumes was a past reincarnation. Needless to say, the suggestion in this preview that a past Hawkman has pointed Carter to a being of the Microverse is an unexpected reveal.

We don't know where Venditti and Hitch are taking us, but where they end up could have a big impact on Hawkman future in DC's Universe. But until then, the images reuniting the Justice League's biggest hero, and it's smallest are priceless. Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:

  • HAWKMAN (2018) #5
  • Published: October 10, 2018
  • Writer: Robert Venditti
  • Art: Bryan Hitch
  • Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch
  • Variant Cover Artist: Matteo Scalera
  • The time-and-space-tossed Hawkman arrives at his latest destination, the sub-atomic world known as the Microverse. Luckily, he meets an old friend there—his longtime Justice League partner the Atom. Ray Palmer learns that the past lives of Carter Hall leave clues for the Winged Wonder to follow. Too bad the next clue leads them to a thinking planet known as Moz-Ga, who’s thinking he’d like very much to destroy Hawkman and Atom!

Hawkman #5 will be available October 10th, 2018 from DC Comics.

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