Hawkgirl TV Show Not in Development at The CW [Updated]

The CW Hawkgirl TV Show

[UPDATE: The CW has denied rumors of a Hawkgirl TV show being in development.]

It's been less than three years since DC Comics-based show Arrow first arrived on The CW, and since then Warner Bros. Television has massively expanded its presence with separate shows like Gotham and iZombie, and the popular Arrow spinoff series The Flash. Next up for DC's shared TV universe is Legends of Tomorrow, a team-up show featuring a mix of heroes (and villains) from both Arrow and The Flash, alongside new characters like Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill).

One of the aforementioned new characters introduced in the teaser for Legends of Tomorrow is Kendra Saunders a.k.a. Hawkgirl, who will be played by newcomer Ciara Renée. Described by an incredulous Martin Stein as "a girl with wings and a past lives complex," Hawkgirl first appeared in the pages of DC Comics 75 years ago and uses advanced technology in order to fly. She also has the power to effectively cheat death through reincarnation, and retains the fighting skills acquired in her past lives each time she is reincarnated. For those who think that sounds like a cool enough character to warrant her own TV show, you may be in luck.

According to a new report from SpoilerTV, The CW currently has a Hawkgirl spinoff show in very early development with plans for Renée to play the lead. The report also claims that, if this show does go ahead, it will most likely skip the pilot stage and jump straight into a full series order.

This isn't an official announcement from WBTV or The CW and the fact that the report describes Hawkgirl as being in the very early stages of development suggests that if it does get made, it won't be for a while. It's likely that The CW will wait to see the audience response to Legends of Tomorrow before moving forward with any more TV shows based on those characters.

Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl Ciara Renee

The plan to give Hawkgirl her own spinoff does raise the question of how long the character will be in Legends of Tomorrow for. If Renée does go on to lead her own TV series then it's hard to imagine she'd also have time to film a regular role in another DC TV show, so it's possible that her character will either leave within the first couple of seasons, or simply have her presence reduced to guest appearances.

For those who feel that Arrow/The Flash producer Greg Berlanti's upcoming CBS series Supergirl appears to lean too heavily on its protagonist's gender, Hawkgirl could prove to be an interesting alternative. Without the pressure of being the only female superhero series around, Hawkgirl could offer a different tone and broader appeal than the young audience that Supergirl's marketing has been aimed at. Assuming this report is accurate, we're very keen to find out more.

UPDATE: The CW has informed CBR News that reports of a Hawkgirl TV show being in development at this time are "not true."

We'll keep you updated on Hawkgirl as development continues.

Source: SpoilerTV

Update Source: CBR

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