Everything We Know About Marvel's Hawkeye TV Show

Every confirmed detail on Disney Plus series Hawkeye, starring Jeremy Renner, including news on casting, plot, release date, and the trailer.

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Here is everything we know about the Hawkeye TV series coming to Disney+ during Marvel's Phase 4. The Hawkeye series is one of five new Marvel TV shows coming to the new streaming service in addition to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, What If...?, and Loki.

The Hawkeye TV series was first reported in April 2019 and confirmed in July at SDCC. The series will pick up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, which included an emotional arc for Clint Barton. Hawkeye suffered quite a bit at the end of Avengers: Infinity War as his entire family disappeared during Thanos' snap. In the beginning of Endgame, Hawkeye had evolved into Ronin, a mercenary bent on killing criminals as an act of vengeance. He was brought back into the fold by Black Widow and he worked alongside the Avengers once again to return everyone that was lost and defeat Thanos once and for all. As a result, Hawkeye was able to reunite with his family at the end of the film. But that wasn't the end of his story.

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Hawkeye has been through so much, not just in Endgame but also during his time as a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and member of the Avengers. What will a show focused on his character look like now that he's moving on with his life? Here are all of the confirmed Hawkeye details, including casting, plot, and release date.

Jeremy Renner Will Return As Hawkeye

Hawkeye hasn't had as much screentime as his fellow Avengers; getting an entire TV series dedicated to his character is a step up for him. During Marvel's presentation at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Jeremy Renner confirmed he would return as Hawkeye. He didn't confirm Hawkeye's arc outside of training Kate Bishop. Those details may be released once production gets underway but it's likely we'll see what Hawkeye chooses to do with his life now that he's passing along the mantle.

Kate Bishop Will Be Introduced

During Marvel's presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, Renner revealed Hawkeye will train Kate Bishop to become the next Hawkeye. Per Renner's SDCC presentation commentary:

"What I get to do in the show ultimately is shepherd an amazing character, ultimately a better version of me and the sentiment of that is the fiber of what Hawkeye is, at least what I think Hawkeye is - a superhero without superpowers and I get to teach someone else to be a superhero without superpowers."

In the comics, Kate Bishop becomes the third Hawkeye, having achieved notoriety as a skilled archer and leader of the Young Avengers team. Hawkeye sees Kate's natural abilities and opts to mentor her into taking over the superhero identity as he prepares to move on with his life. It sounds like Hawkeye will follow this same comics arc. The role of Kate Bishop has yet to be cast.

When Will The Hawkeye TV Show Release?

Hawkeye releases on Disney+ in fall 2021, as was confirmed at SDCC 2019. The Hawkeye series is the last of the new slate of Marvel shows to premiere on the Disney streamer, following The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in fall 2020, WandaVision in early spring 2021, Loki in late spring 2021, and What If...? in summer 2021. Hawkeye precedes Thor: Love and Thunder, which arrives November 5, 2021 and concludes the MCU's Phase 4.

When Will The Hawkeye Trailer Debut?

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There's no Hawkeye trailer yet but that's mostly due to the fact the series hasn't even begun production; there is no footage to put into a trailer. With the series set for a fall 2021 release date, chances are good viewers won't even see a trailer until mid-2021 - possibly even around SDCC 2021. That said, new images or behind-the-scenes footage could be shared while the series is filming.

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