Kate Bishop Making MCU Debut In Hawkeye TV Series; Releases Fall 2021

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Marvel's Hawkeye TV show will be coming to Disney+ in fall 2021, and will see Clint Barton's young protégé Kate Bishop make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show was officially announced during Marvel Studios' panel at San Diego Comic-Con along with other series like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. Jeremy Renner will be returning as Hawkeye after recently helping to save the world in Avengers: Endgame.

Hawkeye has had a rough few years in the MCU. After attempting to retire at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, he was brought back into the fray in Captain America: Civil War, ended up in a superhero prison called the Raft and then on house arrest, and then lost his entire family in the snap. During the following five years of isolation Hawkeye transformed himself into the ruthless killer Ronin, but rejoined the Avengers when Black Widow offered him an opportunity to potentially get his family back. He did so, but at the cost of losing his best friend, as Black Widow sacrificed her life to get the Soul Stone on Vormir.

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Clint Barton has been ready to hang up his bow for a while, but in Hawkeye he'll pass it on to someone else instead. The role of Kate Bishop has yet to be cast, since Hawkeye likely won't go into production for another year, but Renner himself appeared onstage during the official announcement and offered a few details about what to expect from the show.

"What I get to do in the show ultimately is shepherd an amazing character, ultimately a better version of me and the sentiment of that is the fiber of what Hawkeye is, at least what I think Hawkeye is — a superhero without superpowers and I get to teach someone else to be a superhero without super powers.”

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Kate Bishop was first introduced in Young Avengers #1 in 2005, when her sister's wedding was ambushed by a group of bad guys. The Young Avengers showed up and quickly botched the rescue attempt, but Kate managed to save the day. Afterwards, Kate joined Cassie Lang in applying to join the Young Avengers and, using the always-useful superpower of having a lot of money, bankrolled the team's costumes and secret lair. She ended up using Hawkeye's bow and arrows (Hawkeye was dead at the time) and after Hawkeye was resurrected he eventually officially passed his superhero name on to her.

No Avengers movies have yet been announced for the MCU Phase Four, so it's very possible that Hawkeye will be Renner's only appearance in the MCU during Phase Four. The Marvel Disney+ TV shows are expected to tie into the movies a lot more than previous Marvel TV projects like the Defenders shows or Inhumans did, so it will be interesting to see how Hawkeye fits into the bigger picture.

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