Marvel Reveals MCU Kate Bishop Concept Art For Hawkeye TV Show

Disney releases concept art for their upcoming Hawkeye TV series on Disney+, which includes a new look at the character Kate Bishop.

Kate Bishop Concept Art from Hawkeye

Official Kate Bishop concept art from the Hawkeye TV show has been revealed. Fans had been wondering for years if Clint Barton would ever get his own solo movie. While the character doesn't seem to be coming to the big screen for a solo outing, Hawkeye will get his own TV show on Disney+.

Throughout this year, fans have gotten nuggets of information on Hawkeye. The series will deal with Clint Barton's backstory, but fans are more excited that Kate Bishop will be joining the MCU by making her debut in Hawkeye. Bishop is a fan-favorite character from the Hawkeye comic books who takes up the Hawkeye mantle after Barton. Hailee Steinfeld was thought to be playing the character; however, her role in the Apple TV+ show Dickinson may prevent her from taking the MCU role. While the role of Bishop hasn't been filled, official concept art of the character has been released.

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A new special on Disney+ called Expanding the Universe gave fans a sneak peek at some of the upcoming Marvel shows, which included some pieces of concept art from Hawkeye. Kate Bishop is prominently featured in the images, which shows off what her costume will probably look like in the show. Check out the artwork below :

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Concept Art
Hawkeye and Kate Bishop Concept Art
Kate Bishop Concept Art from Hawkeye

While fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Hawkeye, there are several other Marvel Disney+ shows that will be released first. The first MCU show Disney is planning to release is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will release next year. WandaVision and Loki will then release in Spring 2021, followed by the animated series What If...? that Summer. Fans will actually have to wait until Fall 2021 to watch Hawkeye. It was also revealed at the D23 fan event that the shows Ms. Marvel, She-Hulkand Moon Knight would also be made for Disney+.

Now that Disney+ is finally here, fans will have plenty of content to keep them busy while they wait for Hawkeye. Regardless of all the other Marvel content that will be available, fans surely won't forget about Hawkeye since they have been waiting so long to see one of his solo adventures. Marvel buffs will also likely stay excited for Hawkeye since the Disney+ storylines will intersect with the movies, meaning there is a big chance Bishop could join a future Avengers team. Until Bishop is officially cast, this first look concept art will surely tide fans over.

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