Where The Hell Is Hawkeye In Avengers: Infinity War?

Marvel Studios has yet to reveal Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in any Avengers: Infinity War, so where is he? Almost every single character that is set to appear in Infinity War has been promoted to this point. Yet, for some unknown reason, founding team member Clint Barton remains hidden.

Marketing for Infinity War is in full swing, as evidenced by the huge spread of images and details that EW has started to reveal. Yet even with all this new material surfacing, Hawkeye continues to be sidelined. It all began with the first trailer near the end last year - the one that highlighted the grand nature of the movie and its impressive cast. It even began with a callback to one of Nick Fury's most famous lines, but spliced together using the film's heroes to utter the phrase. All of the original Avengers except for Hulk and Hawkeye could be heard in that monologue, but while Banner/Hulk appears throughout the trailer, Barton is nowhere to be seen or heard.

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This has been a recurring trend as the marketing has continued on, leaving many (including us) wondering where Hawkeye is when all of this goes down. His absence wouldn't be as glaring if not for every other hero being shown by now, or if he wasn't an integral member of the team. Before we can really dive in to possibly answering the question at hand and figuring out Hawkeye's place in all of this, let's first recap what we know about him as Thanos arrives.

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Everything We Know About Hawkeye In Avengers 3 & 4

Renner will be making appearances in both Avengers: Infinity War and the follow-up Avengers 4. Although we never saw Renner on set of Infinity War courtesy of leaked photos, he was teasing his presence on set throughout production. The only official tidbit that has surfaced about Hawkeye is Renner's appearance in Marvel's giant Vanity Fair spread. In that image (featured above) Hawkeye is sporting a new haircut, but his costume isn't much of a departure from what he wore in previous Avengers outings. That's a fairly big contrast to the rest of the team, who have largely adjusted their looks since Captain America: Civil War.

It was during this movie that Barton left his better instincts (and his family) behind and joined the superhero fight. This decision proved to have serious consequences. After Hawkeye aligned himself against the Sokovia Accords, General Ross locked him away in the underwater super-prison, The Raft. Thankfully, Captain America (Chris Evans) came to his rescue, allowing for Clint to return home. Staying close the farm and his family will probably be his primary concerns right now, but what happens when Thanos brings his Outrider army, the Black Order, and the power of multiple Infinity Stones to Earth?

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Its also been reported that Barton will undergo a drastic change - hanging up the Hawkeye mantle by taking on the Ronin persona. This is said to be where audiences will find Barton in Avengers 4, and we've previously laid out our theory for why that will be the case. Hawkeye's family could be the key to all of this (and we'll touch on that more soon), but it looks like his journey as Ronin leads him to Japan in the sequel - and possibly back into contact with his old friend Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Beyond that, what Barton is up to after Infinity War remains just as big of a mystery as to what he's doing next.

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