Did You Spot The Haunting of Hill House's Moving Statue?

Haunting of Hill House moving statue

11 years after the Doctor gave the ominous warning "Don't Blink," Netflix's new horror series The Haunting of Hill House is here to make us terrified of moving statues once again. Most of the time the many statues that litter the halls of Hill House stay still, but many viewers have spotted a statue slyly changing positions in Episode 6, "Two Storms."

This isn't the first time that statues have moved in an adaptation of Shirley Jackson's classic horror novel. The 1999 film The Haunting was bursting at the seams with moving carvings and statues, animated using CGI that was probably cutting edge for its time, but hasn't aged well. However, The Haunting of Hill House has a greater focus on physical sets and clever camera cinematography, which is what makes the moving statue moment so effective.

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Keep an eye out at around the 41-minute mark of "Two Storms," when Liv (Carla Gugino) is searching for her missing daughter, Nell (Violet McGraw), and going from room to room on the upper floor. When she goes into Shirley's bedroom, she passes two statues that stand at the end of the hall. When she exits the bedroom, the statue closest to the door has turned its head to look at her - though Liv doesn't notice:

Haunting of Hill House moving statue with Liv

Though it might seem like a simple change, this scene was particularly challenging because it's part of a massive long take with no visible cuts. Liv is only in the bedroom for a short while, so the statue had to switch positions in the brief moments when it wasn't on camera. To achieve this, director Mike Flanagan had crew members move in to switch out one statue with another as soon as it was off camera. Then, when Liv goes into another room, the statues were switched again. This behind-the-scenes featurette explains how the scene was shot, and includes footage of the statues being moved:

The Haunting of Hill House is packed with subtle and carefully hidden details like this, which viewers might notice and get a scare from... or glance over entirely. Since its release, fans have had a lot of fun rewatching the episodes and picking out spooky moments, and there are probably still secrets that haven't been discovered yet.

As far as we could find from combing through the episodes, this is the only instance of a statue moving in the show so far - though let us know in the comments if you've caught any more moving statues in The Haunting of Hill House.

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