'A Haunted House' Red-Band Trailer: Skewering Found-Footage Wayans Style

Earlier this year, we learned that Marlon Wayans would return to comedy with A Haunted House, a parody of the overly used but still very popular found footage sub-genre of horror films. Many moviegoers who are getting tired of found footage films rejoiced after hearing that popular genre entries, including the Paranormal Activity franchise and The Devil Inside, would be receiving the Scary Movie treatment.

And fans of the Scary Movie franchise probably liked what they saw from the first trailer of A Haunted House that was released about a month ago. With Wayans and a talented cast of comedic actors - including David Koechner (The Office) Affion Crockett (Wild 'N Out), Nick Swardson (30 Minutes or Less), Cedric the Entertainer (Barbershop) and Essence Atkins (Dance Flick) - taking turns throwing jabs at found footage movies, things were looking promising for fans of Wayans' previous parodies.

With the release of the new red band trailer for the film, the gloves come off completely as the comedy takes aim at found footage horror with uncensored glee. Ghosts smoking weed, paranormal sex jokes and plenty of film and pop culture references make up much of the humor in the new trailer, as you might have guessed even before watching it.

This type of crude humor might not be for everyone, but Wayans and company certainly seem very much at home here. They may not be treading on any revolutionary comedic ground with A Haunted House, but some will no doubt find it funny regardless. And you can't really blame Wayans for going back to his Scary Movie roots, which proved to be very successful in the past.

There are a lot of jokes packed into the trailer and we can quickly get a a sense of how they will play out within the story, but it will be interesting to see how the film pokes fun at the visual style of many of these found footage films, which often involves shaky handheld shots and, in the case of Paranormal Activity, home security footage and hidden cameras.

Will you be watching A Haunted House? Let us know in the comments.

A Haunted House hits theaters on January 11th, 2013.

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