'Hateful Eight' Trailer Classified; May Premiere with 'Sin City 2'

Quentin Tarantino filming Django Unchained

The curious tale of Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight has taken another unexpected turn, after the filmmaker temporarily canceled his plans to make the movie western - in response to the script being leaked well ahead of time, that is. Since then, however, the Hateful Eight screenplay has been brought to life as a live reading by the movie's potential cast - which includes several Tarantino favorites (Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, etc.) - and, most recently, got an official poster that confirmed the Weinstein Company intends to have the film in theaters by 2015.

/Film has now discovered that the Alberta Film Ratings Board recently classified a one-minute, forty-second long Hateful Eight trailer. Moreover, after having ben contacted by "multiple theater employees," the site uncovered a notice on the Weinstein Company page (see below), asserting that a Hateful Eight preview will be attached to select prints of the Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which opens next week.

In addition, the notice reveals that this Hateful Eight promo will be included with Sin City 2 prints in theaters only, rather than be made available online at some other date. There is, of course, a precedent for major studios releasing theaters-only trailers; quite recently, for example, Universal attached a preview for the Ouija adaptation to select movies screening in theaters, before it unveiled the film's proper trailer online for everyone to watch.

Hateful Eight trailer may premiere with Sin City 2

Amityville: The Awakening, for those who haven't heard yet, was previously titled Amityville and is a new film installment in the Amityville Horror franchise, scheduled for arrival in January 2015; point being, now is about the right time for the project's marketing to begin. Hence, it would make sense for the Amityville trailer to premiere with the new Sin City flick (both are being distributed by the Weinsteins) - something that lends credibility to what is otherwise a Hateful Eight rumor, for the time being.

Similarly, it's widely-known that Tarantino and Sin City co-director Robert Rodriguez are friends - Tarantino even directed a scene in the first Sin City movie - and there's very much overlap between their fan bases. In addition, having an exclusive look at Hateful Eight attached to A Dame to Kill For would surely help to promote both films - especially the latter, which is arriving nine years after its predecessor and hasn't generated a whole ton of pre-release buzz (good or bad).

Quentin Tarantino filming Hateful Eight?

Obviously, since Tarantino hasn't actually begun principal photography for Hateful Eight yet, there won't be any proper footage in the trailer. However, that does not rule out the possibility that one (or more) of the film's stars have recorded some dialogue from the script, alluding to the movie's storyline about a "mistrustful group [trapped] in the middle of nowhere." A similarly minimalist preview was put together for the director's Kill Bill Vol. 2, so a move like this wouldn't be entirely without precedent for a Tarantino project - especially one that's already begun traveling an unusual road to the big screen.

Hateful Eight will arrive in theaters in 2015.

Source: Alberta Film Ratings Board, /Film

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