The Hateful Eight Featurette: The History of 70mm Roadshows

Christmas Day is approaching fast, and for Quentin Tarantino fans that means one thing: the gift of his new western, The Hateful Eight in 70mm. Only those who live by select 70mm-capable theaters (or are willing to make a three wise men-style pilgrimage to one) will be able to enjoy spending time with a cast of Tarantino regulars rather than their own families this Christmas - but for those privileged few it promises to be the best way to see the film.

Tarantino has provided details in the past about what the differences will be between the 70mm version of the film and the standard theatrical cut. Namely, the 70mm version will be slightly longer and feature different versions of scenes which are optimized for the format. In addition, the showings of the 70mm version will be a "roadshow" experience, which offers a few extra perks.

What exactly are those perks? A new Hateful Eight featurette narrated by star Samuel L. Jackson (see above) provides some historical context. As Jackson explains it:

"Back in the day, a night at the movies was a big event. People even got dressed up. They called this 'a roadshow.' It was a limited theatrical engagement with reserved seating, a musical overture, an intermission, and they also gave you a program."

On that note - here is the recently-unveiled new poster for The Hateful Eight, for those who missed it:

The Hateful Eight Poster

Tarantino himself provides some extra history about what kind of movies were played at roadshows in this new Hateful Eight video, and some of the cast and production crew discuss the advantages of the 70mm format and Ultra Panavision. They're the sort of details that are probably only interesting to film buffs, but that is exactly the audience Tarantino is targeting with this special advanced release.

With Tarantino being as much of an aficionado of movies as he is a creator of them, the 70mm roadshow format seems like a fun (and potentially lucrative) way to engage his fans. It's not for everybody, but the general movie-going audience will get a chance to see standard version of the film at their local cineplex when the movie gets its wider release a couple of weeks later. They just won't have it as an excuse to ditch their in-laws on Christmas day.

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The Hateful Eight opens in U.S. theaters equipped with 70mm capabilities on December 25th, 2015. It will begin a regular theatrical release on January 8th, 2016.

Source: The Weinstein Company

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