Hate Product Placement? Here's One Culprit

You know those little moments that take you out of a movie? The ones where somebody at a breakfast scene turns a box of cereal from a 1/4 view to directly facing the camera so you can see the brand?

Well I stumbled across one of the culprits that actively seeks to put together movie production and advertising. The company is called Feature This! and on their site that pitch the "advantages" of placing products in movies and TV shows.

From their site:

"Nowadays, placements are frequently part of a larger marketing campaign, often involving a joint-promotion between the studio and manufacturer. The studios are extremely interested in promotions that add marketing muscle in opening a picture. You have to take some risks with it. But you're getting into the most powerful medium in the world. It's fun."

It's fun? Sure for the marketing "suits" to get involved in movie production I'm sure it is.

Not for the movie viewer, however.

I don't mind seeing storefronts or billboards in a scene where someone is driving down the road. What I object to is when there is a deliberate focus on a product to the point of distraction.

Really annoys the heck out of me...

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