Unrated Slasher 'Hatchet II' Makes History with Wide Release

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Hatchet II, the sequel to the popular 2006 throwback slasher film Hatchet, is making horror movie history. According to Dark Sky Films, Hatchet II will be distributed on the big screen in the top 20 markets across the country. The announcement marks the widest release of an unrated genre film in over 25 years.

Why does it matter that Hatchet II is unrated? Because, according to director Adam Green, the movie brings gore to a whole new level, and slasher fans won't have to miss a single bloody detail.

Quoting Green from the official Dark Sky/AMC Entertainment press release:

"Having a movie as graphically over-the-top as HATCHET II come out in major theatres unrated is an absolute dream come true -- not only for the genre fans but for the entire make-up effects crew, who normally have to watch their amazing achievements get sliced and diced for theatrical release. This is an important event for the horror genre, and I hope the real horror fans support HATCHET II and help change the way genre films are released theatrically from this day forward. Kudos to Dark Sky Films and AMC Theaters for truly honoring the spirit of old-school American horror and doing this right. Gorehounds won't know what hit them!"

The press release also promises plenty of other treats for horror movie fans, including appearances from some of the most recognizable faces in the genre including: Danielle Harris (Halloween), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th), Tony Todd (Candyman), and R.A. Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3).

I've seen Kane Hodder at comic conventions and the guy is intimidating looking - even when he's not wearing a hockey mask.

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I like gore in my horror movies, but not the kind of gore associated with movies like Saw or Hostel. Call me old-fashioned but, when I watch a horror movie, I'd rather see someone get their head chopped off - instead of someone getting their eyeball torched.

Hopefully Hatchet II brings that kind of bloody action back to the big screen.

Hatchet II will hit theaters on October 1st, just in time for the Halloween season.

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