Hasbro Unveils Deadpool Chimichanga Toyline For SDCC 2018

Deadpool Chimichanga Display

Deadpool's legendary love of spicy snacks has been placed front and center in a new randomized toy line from Hasbro. Officially known as Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise With Mystery Filling, the new line was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. It is poised to officially launch later this year - just in time for the release of Deadpool 2 on digital download and Blu-ray.

As fellow mercenary Outlaw once noted in the comics, if there's two things in this world that Wade Wilson likes, it's "Tex-Mex and boobs." And of all the wonderful spicy snacks that have been spawned from Texas and Mexican fusion cuisine, Deadpool's undisputed favorite is the Chimichanga. Hence, that most humble yet exquisite of snack foods was chosen to act as the centerpiece of Hasbro's new toyline. Thankfully, for those familiar with the character and his wholly inappropriate sense of humor, the "mystery filling" in this case refers to the random toys and stickers that will be found in each individual "chimichanga".

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Hasbro has released a number of advance images of the toyline, which can be viewed below. The company has also issued an official press release describing the line. Hasbro said:

Ages 14 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Fall 2018)Satisfy cravings for DEADPOOL awesomeness with a randomly packed CHIMICHANGA SURPRISE WITH MYSTERY FILLING! Unwrap each CHIMICHANGA SURPRISE pack to reveal the MYSTERY FILLINGS. Each pack includes one 2-inch scale DEADPOOL figure, one accessory, and one sticker sheet. There are 12 to collect in Order 1. Each sold separately. And for the love of unicorns: these items are NOT for eating. C’mon, people!




The preview pictures unveil some of the figures and stickers, including one sticker apparently depicting Deadpool as a bear and a figure based on Deadpool's brief stint as The James Bond of the Marvel Universe. They also reveal some amazingly intricate packaging, with separate containers for the toys and the stickers. The stickers will be sealed in mock hot sauce packets. The toys themselves will be contained within a box modeled to look like a foil-wrapped chimichanga.

These toys are only the latest Deadpool-related swag to be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Despite Deadpool 2 having been released in theaters some two months earlier, The Merc' With A Mouth has been a major presence at this year's convention. Indeed, one of the most highly anticipated events of this year's show is the screening of the uncut version of Deadpool 2 at the SDCC Horton Theater on Saturday night.

Sadly, those Deadpool fans hoping for an officially licensed line of fried Tex-Mex foods bearing the Official Wade Wilson Seal Of Approval will have to wait a while longer. If nothing else, first they'll have to design an Official Wade Wilson Seal Of Approval.  Thankfully, these new toys from Hasbro will give those fans a little friend they can carry with them as they go to wait in line at the Taco Bell and dream of better days to come.

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