Hart Of Dixie Season 4 Recap & Finale Explained

Hart Of Dixie

Here’s what happened in the fourth and final season of Hart Of Dixie. The CW comedy/drama began airing in 2011 and introduced viewers to protagonist Dr Zoe Hart. Played by Rachel Bilson, Zoe is an aspiring New York City heart surgeon who gets turned down for a fellowship and moves to the small Alabama Gulf Coast town of Bluebell after she inherits half a medical practice from a kind stranger - who later turns out to be her biological father. Hart Of Dixie was a reunion for Bilson and the show’s executive producer Josh Schwartz, who last worked together on The OC which Schwartz created and Bilson starred in as Summer Roberts.

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Hart Of Dixie ran for a further three seasons following Zoe as she settled into her new Southern hometown and became acquainted with its residents, most notably her neighbor and love interest Wade (Wilson Bethel). Unfortunately, when The CW announced its renewal slate in early 2015 Hart Of Dixie was noticeably absent and a month or so after its season 4 finale, it was confirmed the show was indeed canceled.

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Judging by Hart Of Dixie season 4, the writers must have had an inkling the series was coming to an end because they certainly gave it a good sendoff. At the beginning of season 4, Zoe and Wade rekindled their romance after their season 2 break up. Soon after they discovered they were expecting a baby and Zoe is made partner at the medical practice. Meanwhile, the love quadrangle between George (Scott Porter), his ex-fiancée Lemon (Jaime King, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For), her best friend Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) and Bluebell’s mayor Lavon (Cress Williams) worked itself out with Lemon and Lavon getting together and George and Annabeth becoming an item too.

Hart Of Dixie season 4 cast

Several spanners are thrown in the works before Hart Of Dixie season 4 ends. Zoe and Wade disagree over her not wanting to get married but she changes her mind and sets up a proposal to pop the question. The proposal is accidentally hijacked by Lemon who thinks Lavon set it up to ask her to marry him. Lavon goes along with it and Lemon isn’t too pleased when she finds out the truth. George and Annabeth’s relationship also looks rocky when he accepts a music manager job in Nashville.

It all works out by Hart Of Dixie’s season 4 finale episode "Bluebell" though. Zoe and Wade have a very last-minute wedding just before their baby son is born and a flash-forward shows Lemon and Lavon tying the knot, with George and Annabeth making a go of it together in Nashville. In a fittingly lovely farewell, the finale also featured a huge Heart Of Dixie cast singalong in Bluebell’s town square to the sound of Needtobreathe’s ‘The Heart’.

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