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Hart Of Dixie season 3 was the show’s penultimate chapter, but what happened in the season finale? Premiering its first season in 2011, The CW comedy-drama stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart – an aspiring heart surgeon who moves from New York City to the small Alabama town of Bluebell after she inherits half a medical practice. Although the city girl is an outsider at first, Zoe soon settles into the quirky little town and gets to know its equally quirky residents.

The third season of Hart Of Dixie opens with Zoe returning to Bluebell after three months working in a busy New York hospital with a new beau in tow, a writer called Joel (Josh Cooke). Zoe and Joel’s relationship doesn’t last, however, and Zoe gradually realizes she still has feelings for ex Wade (Wilson Bethel) who unfortunately is planning on moving to Atlanta to franchise his restaurant. Zoe wasn’t the only one suffering from love life woes in season 3 either. Town lawyer George (Scott Porter) flitted between three love interests including ex-fiancée Lemon (Jaime King) while Bluebell’s mayor Lavon (Cress Williams) broke up with his girlfriend AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black).

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Nevertheless, love was in the air for the Hart Of Dixie season 3 finale as wedding fever hit Bluebell with not one, not two but three couples tying the knot. Only one of those weddings went off without a hitch though. Lily Anne (Amy Ferguson) and Meatball (Matt Lowe) decided to call things off at the altar, which Zoe took as an opportunity to declare her love for Wade who didn’t take her grand gesture too well. Crickett (Brandi Burkhardt) and Stanley’s (Tony Cavalero) vow renewal ceremony was cut short by Crickett revealing she was gay.

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Meanwhile, pals George and Lavon got to meet their idol, golfer Don Todd (Reginald C. Hayes, Kim Possible), who inspired them to take a few risks. This led to them both going to declare their love for Lemon who was departing for a month-long singles cruise to find a husband at the behest of her grandmother. Neither of them got the girl as her ship was already leaving and their last scene together suggested things were going to get awkward between George and Lavon.

Bluebell’s third and only successful wedding was between Zoe’s uncle Brando (Lawrence Pressman) and Sylvie (Patty McCormack, The Master). At their reception, Wade tells Zoe he’s not leaving for Atlanta after all and the pair share a dance. Hart Of Dixie season 3 ends with Zoe telling Wade she’s not prepared to give up on them just yet.

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