Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Tips, Tricks, & The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite looks like it will challenge Pokemon GO for ARG supremacy this summer. Here are some tips, tricks, and a beginner's guide.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is easily the biggest mobile game release since developer Niantic's previous effort, Pokemon GO. Both games are licensed using some of the biggest properties in the world, and both of them let those properties' millions of fans around the world live out their dreams.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is very similar to Pokemon GO in the sense that it transports players into an alternate reality setting where the environment around them is modified to resemble the wizarding world. Looking through the lens of a phone screen, players can interact with famous characters, monsters, and places, all while attempting to unravel a mystery that Niantic has embedded within the game. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite comes complete with many of the features fans would hope for and expect, including the ability to get a specific kind of wand, get sorted into a Hogwarts house, and even have an in-game avatar of themselves wearing the famous school robes seen in the films.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released a day ahead of schedule, and fans have been eager to seek out exactly what will help them become the ultimate wizard or witch. To that end, we've compiled a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Tips, Tricks, & Ultimate Beginner's Guide to assist players in unlocking their full magical potential as early as possible. One could even say we've cast Alohomora on the early secrets of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, although we probably wouldn't recommend doing so before practicing the spell a few times first.

1. Complete Daily Assignments for gold, XP, and items

On the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite screen, there's a tab that's labeled specifically for daily assignments. There, players can access what amounts to the game's version of dailies, allowing aspiring wizards and witches to gain gold, XP, or items for completing them. Daily Assignments are a great early method for farming XP and items, and are usually extremely simple, ranging from dining at inns to simply picking up an ingredient or Portmanteau on the map.

2. Collect spell energy frequently by visiting inns

Spell energy is the most crucial resource in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as players will spend one unit of it for each spell they cast. In that sense, spell energy functions a lot like Pokeballs in Pokemon GO, where players will be limited largely by how much access they have to the resource. It's easy to run out, so the best thing to do is to frequently visit every Harry Potter: Wizards Unite inn that pops up on the in-game map. Players can plan a walking path that takes them past as many inns as possible while playing so that they don't run out of the ability to cast spells during the game's Fortress fights and other activities.

3. Different potion ingredients appear at different times based on weather, day, and moon phase

At some point, we're likely to get a number crunch that sees all of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite spawn times broken down, but until then, pay attention to which ingredients appear during the various environmental and time changes that occur in-game. Rarer ingredients can be a gatekeeping mechanic that prevents players from progressing as fast as they would like, so knowing when and where to look for specific ingredients will give savvy wizards a chance to gain an edge.

4. Don't stress out about your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite choices

It might seem daunting at first when players are asked to choose what house they belong to in Hogwarts, what wand they wield, and what their title is, but the beauty of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is that players aren't locked into those choices. Feel free to change houses based on how you're feeling. When professions unlock at level 6, it's another case of simply choosing what's suitable for the given time. Players can swap between professions, which boost character strengths and weaknesses, at their leisure, which makes tackling Fortresses a lot easier and coordinating strong teams with friends much more enjoyable.

5. Craft Harry Potter: Wizards Unite potions as often as possible

Potions are incredibly useful in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and they should be a priority for players looking to progress through the game at a decent clip. To make a potion, players need to get to level 6 and then collect ingredients, which is done over the course of the game naturally. Brewing potions takes real-world time to do, so plan accordingly. Using potions can give buffs and other benefits to players, so don't be afraid to use them early and often.

6. Portkeys and Portmanteaus are amazing

Simply put, the power of portkeys and Portmanteaus is amazing. They function a lot like eggs in Pokemon GO. Players need to have walked a certain distance with a Portmanteau and acquired a portkey to activate them, but once ready, they'll transport wizards to a special location where they can discover things that are either extremely rare or otherwise impossible to encounter. Players also get a healthy amount of XP when visiting these locations, so it's a wise decision to use a potion like Baruffio's Brain Elixir before departing on the journey to get an XP bonus along the way.

7. Spells are about speed, not accuracy

Weirdly enough, even though the films make a big deal out of being extremely precise with spell-casting, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does the opposite. During battle or magic anomaly capture, players are presented with a line that they're meant to trace with their finger in order to cast a spell. They have a limited time to do so, and as it turns out, speed is valued higher than accuracy. Instead of trying to cast the perfect Wingardium Leviosa spell, try to cast it as quickly as possible instead.

8. Fortresses are best with friends

Fortresses are Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's spin on Pokemon GO's gym system. Upon entering, players will be given a series of Wizarding Challenges. Each challenge requires that players have completed the previous chamber, and five people can tackle one chamber at a time. The first six chambers are unlocked upon entering a fortress, but players need to unlock them in order, with future chambers requiring a specific level to enter.

Each challenge requires a runestone, which can be found throughout the course of the game. Runestones determine how difficult a challenge will be as well as what its prizes will be, so make sure to weigh risk and reward for each instance to maximize the amount of items, XP, and successes you experience with this system.

9. Log in every day

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite functions similarly to most mobile games in that it rewards players for continued use. Even if you're not interested in completing a Fortress on a given day, it's still worth logging in to the game to maintain the log-in streak and reap the rewards. These rewards can get pretty lucrative as the streak extends closer to a month, so it's well worth the trouble, even if you'd rather sleep-in than attend a potions class.

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