Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Battles - Spell Casting & Tracing Explained

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Spell Casting

Spell casting in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is one of the most important and fun parts of the game, and we've put together a guide to help explain how it works. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, would-be wizards, aka players, go out into their real world with their smartphones to discover all kinds of magical creatures, much in the same way Pokemon GO players search for Pokemon.

There are other similarities to Pokemon GO, too: players can replenish spell energy at inns and gather potion ingredients at greenhouses: real locations represent both places. The idea is to get players off their couches and outside, giving them a chance to explore their cities and towns and see them in an entirely new way. In addition to visiting inns and greenhouses, players can also do battle, using their wands to cast spells to help teammates and defeat enemies.

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Spell casting is a considerable portion of gameplay in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Unfortunately, it doesn't always make a lot of sense, particularly for newcomers to the game. There are two ways to find battles in the game: one that happens when tapping on Traces on the map and Wizarding Challenges found inside Fortresses. Here's a guide to help players understand how spell casting and tracing works.

Spell Tracing In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tracing

To cast a spell via tracing, a player only needs to trace the shape of a spell to cast it. If playing with the AR option turned on, though, players will have to perfectly line up their phone and point their camera at a specific spot before beginning. Turning AR off makes tracing a little easier; do this by clicking on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

There are two ways to approach tracing. The most effective way to cast a spell is tracing it to the end, making sure that your finger lines up at the starting point of the shape and follows the path all the way to the ending point. This will cast the most high-quality spell (which is checked by looking at the green bar at the top of the screen). Sometimes, though, it's essential to cast a spell quickly, meaning that you draw the shape as fast as you can and not worry so much about accuracy. Although casting as close to the shape as possible is important, players who cast too slow will get penalized for it. So sometimes, speed is the better way to go.

The key thing to note is that if a player dies during a Trace Battle, it's the end of the battle. The player will need to take a healing potion and revive before going on to the next battle. A player cannot revive during battle and go back to fighting the same enemy.

Wizarding Challenges In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortresses

Wizarding Challenges are found mostly in Fortresses, although players may occasionally stumble upon them inside a Trace. Wizarding Challenges are the best way to earn experience, fragments and materials, so players will want to be sure to participate in as many as they can. However, casting spells during these battles is a little more complicated.

Wizarding Challenges include attacking and defending. To attack, tap on the wand on the screen and move it up to the circle hovering over the enemy. Hold the wand there until the circle turns green: this will cause a spell shape to appear. Trace that shape as quickly as possible. If you see a red dot on the trace line, be sure to cast quickly and run your finger over that in the process: this will activate a critical attack that will cause more damage.

Players also need to know how to defend themselves from attacks in Wizarding Challenges. Defending comes after each attack with a prompt that appears on the screen with a shape to trace. Trace that shape all the way through to the arrow at the end of it. If this tracing fails, the player takes more damage. Wizarding Challenges differ from Trace Battles in that death isn't the end of the battle. Wizarding Challenges are timed to five minutes, so when players die, they respawn 30 seconds later and keep fighting.

Starting Or Joining Wizarding Challenges

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges

Although players can tackle Wizarding Challenges alone, it's always best to have a group of friends helping out, especially with the more challenging battles. To start or join a wizarding challenge, players need to go to a nearby Fortress and tap on the chamber they want to enter. The screen will show runestones for each challenge, with each runestone having a number: the higher the number, the harder the battle and the better the reward. Choosing a runestone will set off a countdown of 30-seconds: everyone who wants to participate will need to enter the same fortress and join the battle within that set time.

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