Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Probably Isn't The Next Pokemon GO

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite probably isn't the next Pokemon GO according to its early results, as Niantic's next game indicates some burnout on ARGs.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Pokemon GO

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite probably isn't going to end up as the next Pokemon GO, based on early returns from the game's staggered debut across mobile markets late last week. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is developed by Niantic, the same studio behind Pokemon GO, and is essentially a port of many of the latter game's systems while giving them a new sheen with aesthetics and content from J.K. Rowling's immensely popular wizarding world.

Harry Potter might be one of the few globally ubiquitous properties that could realistically claim superior popularity to Pokemon, although those claims would likely need to change depending on region. Pokemon GO has managed to remain one of the most popular mobile games in the world years after its first release was a rocky mess of broken servers and missing features, which led many to believe Harry Potter: Wizards Unite held the potential to finally usurp Niantic's killer app. With the lessons learned from Pokemon GO's launch and more features than that game ever had at launch, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite sought to get off to a strong start late last week with a staggered release that saw the game debut early in the United Kingdom and United States.

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According to a report from Sensor Tower, however, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite won't be challenging Pokemon GO any time soon. It was by no means a failure of a launch for Niantic, which enjoyed a blistering pace that placed it at around three million player installs and $1.1 million in player spending over the period between June 20-June 23. It is, however, a drastic drop off in figures when it's compared to Pokemon GO, which enjoyed $28 million in player spending during its first four days of availability and hit around 24 million installs in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand alone.

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That said, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is on track to generate more than $10 million in player spending in its first 30 days, which still makes it a smashing success for a mobile title. The game also hasn't launched yet in Japan and South Korea, two of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world, so there's a chance the projection trends upwards once that happens. In the interim, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the number one iPhone app by downloads in over 25 countries, despite having yet to hit top 10 for iPhone revenue in any market.

It's a mixed bag for a title that would be successful by nearly any other metric than the ones that might be placed on it by Niantic. With so much expectation on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the weight of a powerful license behind it, we'll see if the game can generate more momentum once it hits a few other lucrative markets and more closely mimic Pokemon GO's initial success. As it stands currently, it appears Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might indicate some player burnout on ARG titles as a whole, with developers needing to innovate more if they want to crack into a market that might be growing tired of the current model.

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Source: Sensor Tower

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