Harry Potter: 25 Memes That Show That Voldemort Makes No Sense

It doesn’t matter how much you love the incredible writing and magical storytelling of J.K. Rowling, or how much you admire the directing skills of Chris Columbus or Alfonso Cuaron or any other director of the Harry Potter film franchise. It’s impossible not to question some of the more problematic aspects of the series, pertaining both to the books and to the films.

Perhaps the most questionable part of the entire Harry Potter series is Lord Voldemort. Obviously, he is a flawed human being, and J.K. Rowling made him that way on purpose. But there are also several things about him that don’t make a lot of sense.

For example, why doesn’t the Voldemort from the films have a nose? What was the reasoning behind this? Additionally, why was it so difficult for him to end Harry – and whenever he did attempt to do so, why did he always wait until the end of the school year? So as not to disturb Harry while he took his O.W.L.S.? We’re sure that can’t be right.

Voldemort in both the books and the movies is a ridiculous, albeit important, character – and what better way to exemplify this than with a meme?

Read on for the 25 Memes That Show That Voldemort Makes No Sense.

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Voldemort Hugs Draco Harry Potter Meme
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25 When Voldemort Hugs Malfoy

Voldemort Hugs Draco Harry Potter Meme

Fans and haters alike emitted a unanimous shudder during the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 when Voldemort and Draco Malfoy shared one of the strangest, most awkward hugs in film history.

Surely you must remember this momentous (and hugely hysterical) event. The internet created an entirely new genre of Harry Potter fan fiction, and memes, which were still in their infancy at the time (2011), erupted with jokes and questions pertaining to the infamous hug.

According to Tom Felton, the actor who portrayed Draco Malfoy, the part where Voldemort hugs Draco when he comes over to the "dark side" was entirely unscripted.

During filming, there was a total of 25 takes until the directors and cinematographers finally felt like there was something worth doing. Felton was as taken aback as anyone when Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) hugged him. Never did anyone expect the filmmakers to use this version of the scene!

And yet, here we are, with one of the most iconic and infamous hugs in film history – in a legendary Harry Potter movie of all things!

We can’t even blame Voldemort or J.K. Rowling for the scene, either, given that it was completely out of character and not written into the books.

24 Why He Never Thought To Make His Nose A Horcrux

Voldemort Nose Horcrux Harry Potter Meme

Voldemort was so obvious in what he chose to make a Horcrux. Like, his diary – really, Tom? Anyone could have guessed that - and Salazar Slytherin’s Locket? It’s hardly rocket science to puzzle that one out. The same goes for Marvolo Gaunt’s ring. By that point, it was pretty safe to guess that Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup and Rowena Raveclaw’s Diadem might have some significance as well.

Let's not forget his choice of his snake! As though anyone who saw the snake wouldn’t immediately try and end it purely out of fear and hatred for such a giant, loathsome creature.

Meanwhile, Voldemort forgot to use the one object that was so impossible to find, Harry Potter nor his cronies would ever have been able to destroy it – his nose! Or, er, lack thereof.

That’s right – why did Voldemort never to think to use the one thing that absolutely nobody could ever have possibly found, given its lack of existence?

If Voldemort had made his nose a Horcrux, Harry and friends would never have attempted to take him out, as they would have known they were still missing the destruction of one last Horcrux. Given that it’s impossible to find or see Voldemort’s nose, they never would have been able to destroy the final Horcrux! It’s an infallible plan!

23 Why Nobody Says His Name

Voldemort Name Harry Potter Meme

Poor old Voldemort -  forever misunderstood.

Although the meme itself is clearly a joke, Voldemort makes a good point – why is everyone so afraid of speaking his stupid old name?

Throughout the series, only Professor Dumbledore and Harry are brave enough to speak out his name, with wise Hermione following shortly behind.

Really, until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the Ministry for Magic, which has now been taken over by the bad guys, makes it so that the word Voldemort is used as a way of identifying the location of the perpetrators who uttered the name, there is absolutely no good reason for why an entire population refuses to say the name out loud.

Considering that wizards and witches are actually familiar with real magic, you would think they had more sense than your usual paranoid and superstitious muggle. But in the case of replacing the name Voldemort with names like "He Who Must Not Be Named" and "You Know Who," there is absolutely no rationality coming from the minds of these magical folk.

For the duration of the series, almost nobody ever speaks the stupid man’s name out of fear that it will bring darkness and curses upon them all!

22 Why Insulting His Physical Appearance Wasn’t Used As A Curse More Often

Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy nose diss Harry Potter meme

The meme for this entry is so on point that we find ourselves wondering why no enemies of Voldemort ever tried insulting his physical appearance as a way to hurt his clearly very sensitive ego.

Voldemort was a man of symbols and appearance. He liked to make a big deal out of things. He liked trophies, he liked things for their aesthetic, and the meaning that came from objects. He did not understand love and he was shallow.

Given all of these qualities combined, one would think that his enemies (and he had many) would prey on his insecurities in an attempt to weaken him.

What better way to do hurt Voldemort than to comment on one of his most horrible qualities, and one that he surely would have cared greatly about – his appearance?

When you’ve got as little hair as Voldemort (and as little of a nose), you have just got to expect that people are going to insult you on your looks – yet none of Voldemort’s enemies ever even thought to comment on it. This would have been the simplest (and funniest) attack ever, as is so well exemplified in this meme.

21 Why This Search Option Appears In Google

Voldemort Shampoo Google Search Harry Potter Meme

You know when you are bored and you entertain yourself by typing things in to the Google search bar and seeing what auto populates in the search options?

Have you ever tried typing in "I hate it when" and seeing what pops up? Bet you did not expect "I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo" to pop up.

As this meme so clearly demonstrates, we are completely befuddled by this search option. Is this a joke? Is it because Voldemort does not have hair – unless that really the whole joke. Under what circumstances would a person ever type this into Google, and why? The internet remains the most hilarious and baffling thing in the world.

Upon doing some research into this strange internet world and its odd google search result, we found that this idea of Voldemort using one’s shampoo has truly stemmed from nothing, and is merely a strange internet phenomenon that emerged one day out of nowhere.

Clearly, though, Voldemort himself is just as puzzled as the rest of us are, though, given his face in this image. He, of all people, surely knows he has not got any hair for shampoo to have any effect whatsoever!

20 The Dark Lady

Surely you remember Yzma, the brilliant, evil antagonist from the Disney classic The Emperor’s New Groove! She was bald, had a completely evil plot to take over the world, had no friends or very disloyal friends, and spoke with a sort of villainous tone.

Then you see this meme, and everything is turned upside down in what you thought you knew. How did nobody ever make this link before. As the meme points out – Look at Yzma’s mug! It even has the dark mark.

That’s right! Yzma must be Voldemort’s sister. After all, Voldemort is also the brilliant evil antagonist of Harry Potter, is bald, has a completely evil plot to take of the world, has no friends or very disloyal friends, and also speaks with a sort of villainous tone.

Now that we have seen the similarities, it simply cannot be un-known.

All we need now is a story about Yzma and Voldemort: their childhood together, their teamwork and combined plans to take over the world!

This sibling relationship is the stuff we need, and we can’t wait for fan fiction writers everywhere to get started on the clearly much needed adventures featuring two of the most iconic supervillains in history!

19 Why He Wasn’t Credited For This

Hipster Voldemort Cedric Diggory Harry Potter Meme

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we are introduced to the one and only Cedric Diggory, portrayed in the films by Robert Pattinson. This film was released in 2005, and it was the first glimpse we had of the actor who would soon make waves in Hollywood for his appearance in the Twilight Saga series.

Indeed, three years later, in 2008, the first film installment of the Twilight Saga was released and we were officially re-introduced to the actor.

With the introduction of Twilight and Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen came much controversy. In particular, people around the world decided to jump on the Twilight bandwagon, and fans and haters decided they either loved the series or hated the series.

There was a particular set of people who really despised Edward Cullen, the protagonist vampire portrayed by Robert Pattinson – this was the group of fans who were "Team Jacob." For that subset of Twilight fans, Edward Cullen was pointless, and they hated him with all their might.

Here is the problem: Voldemort hated Robert Pattinson first! Yet no one gives this original hipster (Voldemort) the credit he deserves!

Hipster Voldemort is a pretty hilarious meme, and it just doesn’t make sense that Voldemort doesn't get the credit he's due here.

18 Voldemort with a wig is just Hannah Montana

Voldemort Party in the USA Harry Potter Meme

Okay, so we get that Miley Cyrus wrote the original song, "Party in the USA" – classic Miley at her best.

But what about this remake by Voldemort? His form is on point! Look at those well-positioned arms! Look at how big his mouth gets when he sings "yeah!"

There is clearly no question that Voldemort’s version of this song is about one hundred times better than Miley’s original version.

Sadly, again, Voldemort does not receive the attention and credit he deserves. Sure, he’s evil, but he’s also a ridiculously comedic villain, and fans around the world should be crediting him for his extreme comic relief and his potential for many more jokes.

Anyway, ask yourself this: which music video would you rather watch? The one where Miley dances on cars in some too- hot southern state, or one where Voldemort goes way too hard, dancing and rocking out to his version of the song. We’re sure he would take it way too far, and the result would clearly be very hilarious!

There’s really no question that the Voldemort version is so much better! We only wish that he would do more covers of iconic top 40 songs.

17 Why Was Voldemort Writing In A Journal?

Harry reading Voldemort Sad Diary Harry Potter Meme

Is this not Tom Riddle we are talking about, only the man who would eventually become one of the greatest and darkest wizards in all the world?

Long before he’s Voldemort, he's merely an angsty teen, exhibiting the same symptoms of every other angsty teenager out there, writing his prose in, as Harry so quotes from Bridesmaids, "a very sad, handwritten book."

Although we’re never quite sure if Voldemort (or more likely Tom Riddle) ever actually used the diary to write any stories about his actual self, it’s enough just that he chose a lame old diary in the first place as his first Horcrux.

We know from what we’ve read and seen that Riddle was a moody, angsty teenager, filled with troubles, jealousies, and anxieties.

Why in the heck did he use a lame old diary as his first Horcrux?! There wasn’t even anything all that symbolic about it, except for perhaps representing the ultimate moodiness of one of the darkest horses in magical history.

Sure, although the diary wound up being a very important part of the overall Harry Potter story, as well as the sole focus of the second book and film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we’re still just scratching our heads on why Voldemort ever would have had a diary.

16 How He Never Succeeded In Eliminating Harry Potter

Do you remember in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, when Harry is just eleven years old, and Voldemort finally corners Harry in a deep dark chamber way below Hogwarts – and he still does not succeed in eliminating him?

Or what about in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Voldemort (this time in Tom Riddle form) once again corners Harry in a deep dark chamber way below Hogwarts – and yet again fails to take out the twelve year old?

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Voldemort literally teams up on Harry with a substantial group of Death Eaters backing him, and the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix he gets Harry to come to Ministry of Magic where Harry is once again outnumbered by Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

The number of times that Harry escaped the near clutches of Voldemort’s grasp is truly ridiculous.

For the allegedly most powerful wizard in the world, he really is not all he’s made out to be. As fans of the series, we have been able to objectively see Voldemort for who he is from the beginning – clearly entirely incapable of ending a tween!

15 Why J.K. Rowling Never Told Us This

Voldemort Platform Nose Harry Potter Meme

There have been numerous theories pertaining to the flatness of Voldemort’s nose. Perhaps he turned his nose into a Horcrux and made it so nobody would ever be able to find it, or more realistically, that years and years experimenting with dark magic took its toll on Voldemort’s physical appearance.

The latter theory is probably most accurate, especially since in the books Rowling does mention a few times that Voldemort’s physical appearance was affected somewhat by how much dark magic he would perform on others as well as on himself.

Apparently dark magic can have more than just dire mental effects on a person, it can also have physical effects.

Here we have this meme that tells us a story that seems to make far more sense than any other theory pertaining to Voldemort’s lack of a nose.

Voldemort was constantly trying to get to Harry Potter in sneaky ways. Getting to Hogwarts was a particularly tricky task, given that Dumbledore, the only person that Voldemort was afraid of was there.

Who’s to say Voldemort never attempted to run through the brick wall at Platform 9¾ and got rejected? Or that in a haze, he went for the wrong wall?

14 How Hermione Was Better At Magic Than Him

Hermione Schooling Voldemort Harry Potter Meme

There’s no question that Hermione was way beyond her time. She was one of the best witches in magical history and she began creating this legacy at the young age of 11 years old!

At just 11, she participated, along with Harry and Ron, in navigating an incredibly difficult magical obstacle course that was created to fend off the likes of Voldemort and other great, evil, yet talented wizards and witches.

In spite of the exceptional skills of the great Hermione, there remains this one issue that has us scratching our heads for answers.

How could Hermione have been better at magic than Voldemort? We know, we know: “Love, Harry.” But still, Voldemort had years of experience and Hermione was born to a muggle family and did not even know she was a witch until she received her letter.

Whatever the reason behind the talent of Hermione, we still think there may be some problems with the narrative told in the magical world about the so-called power and wow factor of Voldemort.

If a bunch of 11 year olds are better at magic than a person who has been practicing pretty much their entire life, there’s a problem here somewhere.

13 Why He Didn’t Use World’s Most Invincible Phone As A Horcrux

Voldemort Horcrux Nokia3310

Why on earth Voldemort did not use the iconic Nokia3310 as one of his Horcruxes?

We know what you’re thinking: It simply does not make any sense.

Why would the (allegedl) most powerful wizard in the world not take advantage of the most invincible piece of technology ever created by a human?

Well, as we have already seen above, Voldemort clearly wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was being defeated by a group of 11 year olds very early on in his career, and was even diminished to pretty much nothing for some time, all because of a small baby.

Even so, the choice to use a Nokia3310 seems so obvious we find ourselves truly flummoxed as to why even the not-so-smart Voldemort would not have thought to take this route. It's the most indestructible phone ever made, after all.

We get it, technology doesn’t work in the magical world the same way that it works in the Muggle world – but then, does it not make even more sense to use something Muggle oriented? Nobody would have ever seen it coming!

Of course Voldemort passed up this golden opportunity for his love and obsession of symbols and ceremony, but it proved to be a fatal mistake.

12 Voldemort invented Inception

Voldemort Dreams inception Harry Potter Meme

At this point, we have pretty much come to the conclusion that Voldemort was never all that bright. Sure, in the narrative that was told through generations in the magical world, everyone believed Voldemort to be this all powerful great and evil warlock who had the power to destroy both the magical and non-magical worlds.

In truth, Voldemort was far better at being a hipster than at being a supervillain.

Behold Hipster Voldemort, again. This time, the meme focuses on the film Inception.

The film Inception was released in 2010, yet Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is the first time we witness Voldemort infiltrating (initially inadvertently) into Harry’s dreams, was released in book form in 2000, and in film form in 2005.

This means that Voldemort invented the act of Inception. Of course, then came the year 2010 and everyone chose to forget that Voldemort was really the one who started the trend. We all became suddenly obsessed with this strange movie called Inception, which did not even feature any of the redeeming qualities of the Harry Potter films or books, such as Harry and his friends, Hogwarts, and of course, the not-so-bright Voldemort.

11 Why He Never Actually Used This Line

Lily and Voldemort Knock Knock Joke Harry Potter Meme

Not everyone can boast about the fact that an entire civilization is so terrified and awed by your powers and terrifying magnificence that they are afraid to say your name, but that was the case with Voldemort.

Until his inevitable downfall, most wizards and witches were so afraid of the concept of this evil wizard that they would not dare to utter his name, instead using nicknames like "You Know Who" and "He Who Must Not Be Named," or, in the case of his followers, "The Dark Lord."

Imagine being so terrifying and famous that people are too in awe and afraid to say your name! To top things off, it is not even your real name, but rather the fancy name that you made up to make yourself seem even greater!

Voldemort had ample opportunities to use these nicknames in his favor, as can be seen from this meme. Perhaps the most iconic of the options would have been this verbal exchange, where Voldemort told a knock-knock joke to his foe.

This line could have been iconic – yet Voldemort never even thought to jump on the chance to use it! We will never understand this complex human being.

10 How These Two Can Be The Same People

Lord Voldemort Ralph Fiennes Harry Potter Meme

When you look at a photo of the incredibly stunning Ralph Fiennes, it is hard to picture him as anything other than the most beautiful man living on earth.

Then, when you look at a photo of the terrifying and ugly Lord Voldemort, you cannot imagine him as anything other than what he looks like: hairless, nose-less, evil, and possessing very yellowing teeth.

Yet these two are the same person.

Ralph Fiennes plays Lord Voldemort, and it is hard to wrap our heads around such a thought.

How can such a beautiful man play such a horrid creature? How can such a horrid creature be played by such a beautiful man? It is just does not make sense!

In this case, although we can commend the talents of Fiennes for his acting, we must almost entirely commend the makeup artists and special effect specialists, who have successfully transformed an otherwise perfect man into a horrendous specimen.

No matter how you swing it, though, the fact that these two images are the same person will never truly make sense. In fact, could it be that the whole thing is a sham, and Ralph Fiennes does not actually play Voldemort at all?

9 Why Voldemort Always Let Harry Finish The School Year Before He Attacked

Voldemort Good Guy Harry Potter Meme

It is likely that we have already summed up the main reason why there are so many things about Voldemort that make no sense – in all likelihood, it is because he really was not the brightest of his kind.

But sometimes, believe it or not, he was actually quite considerate.

In terms of his plan to take out Harry, it turns out Voldemort was always considerate enough to wait until the end of the school year before proceeding with his world domination.

Was it because he genuinely cared about Harry’s education? Or was it his way of challenging himself, seeing what Harry learned that year, and waiting till Harry would be a more fierce opponent.

It turns out that no matter what year Harry was in, Voldemort still failed to annihilate him anyway!

In reality, it is clear that the reason why Voldemort would "wait" until the end of the year is because it would make for a far better story. Every year, the students would learn some new form of magic, and then at the end of the year, the students could then use the magic they had learned against Voldemort! It makes sense, really, doesn’t it?

8 The Voldemort – Dumbledore Relationship

Picture this: two of the greatest wizards of all time sitting down in conversation. Could there be anything more iconic than this meeting of minds?

Why was this concept never explored more? Imagine the stimulating conversation we could have heard and things we could have learned from the minds of the wisest and best wizard of all time (Dumbledore) and the darkest and worst wizard of all time (Voldemort).

Not to mention, the revelation in later years from J.K. Rowling that Dumbledore was gay could have opened a whole other avenue of stories and possibilities. We never really saw any romance stem from Voldemort’s side, either.

Imagine a world where, at one point, Dumbledore and Voldemort had a relationship? The fan fiction may be going a bit far here, but it’s really not that insane. Dumbledore and Grindelwald were entangled romantically somehow, according to Rowling. Who’s to say that Dumbledore and Voldemort couldn’t be, too?

Regardless of the way in which their relationship could be explored, we only wish we knew more about it!

These are two of the greatest wizards of all time, and although we catch a glimpse of their interactions throughout the series, we do not really ever get quite enough.

7 His Nose… Again…

Voldemort split soul seven horcruxes Harry Potter Meme

There’s no doubt about it: Voldemort was a great wizard. As Ollivander the wand maker said in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, “After all, He Who Must Not Be Named did great things – terrible, yes, but great.

But for such a great wizard, he really did not have the whole physical appearance part figured out. Given his talent and knowledge of magic, and particularly the dark arts, you think he could have figured out a way to fix that darned nose of his.

But, no, here is Voldemort, creating seven Horcruxes with parts of his soul stuck into each one of them, and he can’t figure out how to recreate his nose!

Could the explanation have been that Voldemort actually, dare we say it, liked his nose? It seems unlikely, but maybe it he felt it gave him character and set him apart from other wizards.

Maybe the nose, especially in the films - where Voldemort’s lack of nose was far more distinct than the books - was the directors’ way of ensuring that nobody would ever be able to consider Voldemort good looking, given the natural beauty of the actor they had chosen to portray the character!

6 Why He Didn’t Take Pinocchio’s Advice

Everyone knows the story of Pinocchio. The dude had a lying problem, and every time he lied he would be caught out because his nose would grow a little longer.

Any Muggle would know this story, and - although Voldemort was obviously not a muggle - he did grow up in a Muggle orphanage and was surrounded by non-magical people for his entire childhood.

Considering his likely knowledge of the story of Pinocchio and this simple way of growing a nose, why did Voldemort never think to pull a Pinocchio and just lie his way into getting his nose back?

Could it have been that Voldemort genuinely wanted the nose that he had? The mind moggles at the thought of any one liking such a non-existent, flat, slits-for-nostrils nose. V oldemort wanted to be hailed as a lord and all-powerful ruler, not as a ridiculous wizard who cannot muster up enough magic to have a normal nose!

Alas, apparently it is not so easy to lie your way into having a nose in the wizarding world, or maybe Voldemort simply like his nose the way it was. Anyhow, we cannot help wondering why he would not have just taken a page from Pinocchio’s book.

5 How People Hate Umbridge More Than Voldemort

Umbridge vs Voldemort Harry Potter Meme

Dolores Umbridge was a popular character to hate in the Harry Potter series. She first appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and fans unanimously chose to hate her. It was not really that hard, either, when we learned about her prejudices and that she had a pen that cut into Harry’s skin. It's pretty messed up stuff!

All the same, it does not make sense that fans of the series tend to hate Dolores Umbridge more than they hate Lord Voldemort!

Could this be a feminist issue? It is true that Voldemort's deeds in both the wizarding and non-wizarding world were far more dire and evil than Umbridge's.

Sure, Umbridge was creepy in her own right, but objectively, Voldemort was obviously a much worse person who had far more widespread negative effects.

Yet it’s true that it is for some inexplicable reason a lot easier to hate Umbridge than it is to hate Voldemort – and that is not fair.

We should probably question why we are so ready to dislike Umbridge but less inclined to hate Voldemort at the same level, and wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Voldemort is a man and Umbridge is a woman.

4 Why He’s So Fashionable

Voldemort was an ugly man, in spite of the fact that a young Tom Riddle was actually quite good looking.

As has been discussed at length in this article, his nose and hair had clearly over time disappeared as a result of years and year of fiddling around with extremely dark magic! Or, as one entry here reads, perhaps it was just that his nose was hiding due to the fact that it was a secret Horcrux.

Whatever his reasons for being so strange-looking, Voldemort remained a surprisingly well-dressed human being until the end of his days,

In this image, for example, why in the heck was he wearing such a gorgeous suit? Are we really supposed to believe that his lackeys were one day was tasked with going to the store with Voldemort’s measurements and coming back with an impeccably tailored suit for their master?

However it was that Voldemort obtained his beautiful clothes, it is clear that he still somewhat cared about his appearance. Although it does not really make sense, given the fact that he really clearly did not care about his face and hair anymore, just picturing Voldemort or his lackeys going shopping is too hilarious.

3 The Way He Holds His Wand

Voldemort Wand Made In China Harry Potter Meme

Voldemort was supposed to have been one of the greatest wizards of all time. He was so terrifying and great that people refused to utter his name.

For such a great wizard, it certainly is strange that he did not know really how to hold a wand!

As this meme so skillfully exemplifies, Voldemort had some trouble holding his wand. This scene was from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, but Voldemort has held his wand awkwardly before.

Don’t you remember in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry and Voldemort have a face-off and Voldemort throws at Avada Kedavra with his hand so awkwardly placed? It almost looks as though he has an aversion to holding a wand altogether, given how strange his positioning is!

Maybe that’s just Voldemort for you: a strange and awkward man who was never able to fit in, even amongst fellow wizards and witches.

Or perhaps in this scene Voldemort is just finally figuring out that his wand wasn’t made by Olivander at all, and was not even the famous Elder Wand. What if he really is just figuring out that the wand was made in China, and the whole magical world is just a sham!

2 His Logic

Voldemort half blood meme

As with most illogical, bigoted individuals, Voldemort’s reasoning for why he wants to rid the wizarding world of half-bloods, Muggles, Muggle borns makes about as much sense as a pig flying.

In short: it makes absolutely no sense.

Voldemort himself was a half-blood wizard! His mother was a Muggle. And yet here he was, trying to wipe out three different groups that he had deemed unworthy to exist amongst the godly pure bloods.

This really is Voldemort through and through; making rash decisions in the blink of an eye. He simply decided one day that he hated Muggles, half-bloods, and Muggle borns.

But wait, we know what you are thinking. If that’s really what he wanted to do, shouldn’t one of his first targets have been himself?

Voldemort was a half-blood, after all. If he had only focused on his own existence as a mark against "blood purity" from the get-go then we would not have endured the agony of watching him nearly destroy the magic and non-magic worlds on numerous occasions.

Then again, we would not have had the Harry Potter series, and we could not have lived without the books and films!

1 Why Hipster Voldemort Isn’t More Popular

Hipster voldemort Harry Potter Meme

Although Voldemort himself was not a very likable guy, his counterpart from the internet verse, Hipster Voldemort, was a total blast!

As mentioned in a previous entry, Hipster Voldemort hated Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) long before it was cool with the release of the Twilight Saga. Hating something before anyone else hates it is the definition of hipster, as is liking something again once everyone else starts to hate it.

Hipster Voldemort clearly also liked to enjoy bands, creatures, and other such things prior to their being very cool.

In truth, Tom Riddle was obsessed with the basilisk and the underground world of Hogwarts when he was still a student there. Then, when Harry and his friends were in school and discovered the underground part of Hogwarts, particularly in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when they go down to the chambers, suddenly everyone knows about the underground area of Hogwarts.

Nobody gives credit to Tom Riddle, once again the original hipster, for discovering and obsessing over these dark parts of Hogwarts long before it was cool and written into the Harry Potter books!

Even if nobody else will give him credit for his trailblazing ways, we credit Voldemort for being the original hipster, and starting trends that have trickled well into this day and age.


Do you have any other funny Voldemort memes that point out problems with Harry Potter? Share them in the comments!

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