Awesome Harry Potter Video Game Footage Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

Recent leaked footage of something that is possibly a new Harry Potter video game is confirmed to be real, at least according to sources in the game development community. Although the leaked footage was pulled down by Warner Bros., it seems the studio has plans to release a new game in the franchise.

The leaked footage first surfaced on Reddit by user VapeThisBro and showed gameplay that takes place in the Harry Potter universe. The video, which shows something akin to an RPG, also came with a description that described it as something set in the 19th century Wizarding World, with the main character being a 5th-year student at Hogwarts. It also mentions custom character creation, along with potions crafting, magic spells and "fantastical beasts." Additionally, it seems the story will allow the player to choose to follow a good or evil path with a magic system that will probably have skill trees.

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Eurogamer reports that after researching the footage, its sources believe the game is real and something that is currently in development. Many originally assumed the developer to be Rocksteady, especially considering Warner Bros. owns the company, but those same sources denied that particular rumor. It seems the new Harry Potter title is probably the work of Avalanche Software (Disney Infinity), not to be confused with Avalanche Studios (Just Cause). Avalanche Software is also currently owned by Warner Bros.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Poster

Avalanche Software recently hired a large number of new staff members for an undisclosed project. Job listings for those positions included requirements such as a "deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation," along with knowledge of "gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs." That would undoubtedly cover something that the leaked footage showed, as well as a story set in the Harry Potter franchise. Rumors suggest the game could release as early as next year, with Eurogamer pointing out that this fits the development schedule of Avalanche Software.

Although several games already exist within the Harry Potter franchise, all Potter fans have wanted all along is an epic RPG along the lines of something like The Witcher 3. The mobile games don't come close, so it is likely that these fans will be ecstatic when Warner Bros. officially announces the title. In the meantime, fans can get their Harry Potter universe fix with the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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Source: Eurogamer

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