10 Unsolved Mysteries From The Harry Potter Canon

Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter universe is known for its fantastic mysteries. Reading those books was like traveling down an endless dungeon, with new twists and shadows around every corner. However, at the end of Deathly Hallows, most of those mysteries were answered. Or were they? Despite the many questions that J.K. Rowling did answer at the end of her series, there were still a few mysteries that never got resolved. We dug into some of those questions and listed the most interesting of them here. So put on your sorting hats and hold your wands close, here are 10 Unsolved Mysteries from the Harry Potter Canon.

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10 Where Were American Wizards During Voldemort's First Rise?

The Fantastic Beasts franchise brought the wizarding world of Harry Potter across the ocean to the United States. For the first time, we got to see American and British wizards working in tandem to stop a great threat. So, why is it that, when an even larger threat arises, the Americans are nowhere to be seen? The danger that Voldemort posed stretched far beyond Hogwarts and its home country, so why didn’t we see American wizards working to stop him? On the flip side, where were Voldemort’s American agents? It’s a mystery that we don’t have the answers to yet, although we might get them if the Fantastic Beasts franchise ever catches up with the main Harry Potter storyline.

9 What's The Deal With The Brains In Jars?

We obviously had to include the scene in the “Department of Mysteries” room at the Ministry of Magic. There’s plenty to wonder about in that but from Order of the Phoenix (one item of which we’ll get to later), but just on the surface, we have to ask; why were there those brains in jars? According to the book, the brains were there “to study thought,” but how was the Ministry studying thought? And who the heck did those brains belong to? Look, we know J.K. Rowling had a lot of inspiration for Harry Potter, from Norse mythology to Arthurian legend. But Young Frankenstein? That’s something we’ve got to know more about.

8 Where Did The Basilisk Come From?

Horcrux Basilisk

Speaking of ominously names rooms, there’s a lot of mystery still to the Chamber of Secrets. What was Salazar Slytherin doing in there? For that matter, what was Tom Riddle? But even if we can guess at those, we still don’t have the answer to one of the biggest (literally) mysteries about that place. That is, where did that darn Basilisk come from?

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We know that it’s a rare and terrible creature in the wizarding world, so how did Salazar get his hands on one? Did he hatch one himself? And if so, why did he keep it in the Chamber? The Basilisk is a great monster in the Harry Potter universe, but it is far from explained.

7 How Does Colin Creevey's Camera Work?

Colin Creevey in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Here’s another question from Chamber of Secrets. Remember that annoying kid, Colin Creevey? The one who was always taking pictures of everyone? Well, from what we understand, that camera was a muggle device. This isn’t that weird until you consider that, two books later, we learn that muggle devices don’t work in Hogwarts. So how does annoying Colin’s camera take the pictures it does? Is it somehow an enchanted camera, able to bend the spells around Hogwarts? Or are we missing something even bigger; is Colin Creevey actually one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter universe, able to disrupt Magics that even Voldemort and Dumbledore themselves can’t evade?

No, is the answer.

6 How Can Voldemort Curse The Defense Against the Dark Arts Teaching Position?

Things don’t go well for the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors at Hogwarts. Eventually, we learn that that’s because of a literal curse Voldemort placed on the position. But how could he do that? How could Voldemort curse not just a person or an object, but a job title? Then again, I guess we know of some cursed jobs in the real world too, as anyone who’s ever had “Customer Service” in their title will tell you.

5 Why Does Harry Potter Need Glasses?

Harry Potter can talk to snakes. He can walk around without being seen in an invisibility cloak. The dude can freaking fly. So why, in the name of all that is magic, does he not fix his vision?? Seriously, the guy is basically Velma without them. He even goes so far as to use magic to fix his old specs.

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Why, then, can he not just take some of that magic (the medicinal properties of which we’ve seen proven over and over again), and point it at his astigmatism? Is it just because Daniel Radcliffe looks good in glasses?

If so, that’s acceptable.

4 What Ever Happened To Sally-Anne Perks?

Harry Potter Hogwart's Mystery Trailer

Harry Potter’s classmates made pretty regular appearances since they first showed up in The Philosopher’s Stone. Except, that is, for Sally-Anne Perks. Sally-Anne was sorted right before Harry Potter, and then she just... disappears. She’s never called on again for any Hogwarts activities, nor does Rowling ever mention her after the first book. So where did Sally-Anne go?  Best case is she went off to a different school, maybe in a kind of wizard exchange program. Worst case? Well, maybe the jokes about kids disappearing during Quidditch were a little more serious than we thought.

3 What's The Secret Behind Moody's Eye?

Mad-Eyee Moody was one of the most visual characters in the Harry Potter canon, and that’s not just because of his distinct look. Moody literally had a magic eye in place of one he lost in his job as an auror, and the replacement is one of the most mysterious objects in Harry Potter lore. It can see Harry even under his invisibility cloak, a feat that other magicians, including Death himself, could not pull off. What’s the story behind this mystic optical object? We’re not sure, but whatever it is, we know it’s powerful.

2 What Is The Veil?

One of the worst events in the Order of the Phoenix, indeed in Harry Potter lore, happens within the Department of Mysteries; the death of Sirius Black. But right after this scarring, tragic events also comes one of the most mysterious moments in the Potterverse. Sirius passes through a kind of doorframe, a curtained window into another world. This passageway is only referred to as “the veil,” and we get hints that it’s some sort of connection between our world and the world of the dead. But what is the connection? We know the Veil is fatal to anyone who would pass through it, but why is it there? Is it literally the gateway between life and death? If so, how do some souls not pass through it? Like death itself, the veil is a dark and convoluted question.

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1 How Do You Make A Horcrux?

Horcrux Tom Riddle Diary

Full disclosure, we know some of the other mysteries on this list are just as fascinating as this one. So why did we put it on top? Well, because this mystery actually has an answer. We’re just not allowed to know it. According to an interview with PotterCast, J.K. Rowling admitted that she knew how Horcruxes were made, even hinting that she wanted to include the explanation in the books. However, her editors claimed it was too dark. So what are you hiding from us J.K.? What was so dark that it couldn’t be included in a book about limb-severing, child-murdering, psychopathic wizard Nazis? Whatever the answer, it must have been pretty bad.

But let’s face facts, if Rowling told us that thing about the Hogwarts bathrooms, she’ll probably eventually clue us on on this one.

What unanswered questions in Harry Potter interest/infuriate you the most? Did we leave any off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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