20Draco and Harry

After all, opposites attract. Even so, Harry and Draco would be a surprising match.

One of the most popular couples in the Harry Potter fandom is that of Harry and Draco Malfoy.

It's not surprising; there's always the hope that a crackling rivalry could mean sparks in another way.

They share similar traits: ambition, pride and dedication. But their upbringings had serious effects on their overall personality.


hard to imagine them getting along at all, let alone well enough to date. Still, anything's possible. And thanks to internet artists, this coupling has come true more than a few times.

One DeviantArt user, by the handle of UpTheHillArt, illustrated the pairing but added another twist. In their version, Draco is transgender.

It's a refreshing concept, and one that seems to be loved by fans.

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