20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Harry Potter Couples

It's been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first came out, and the franchise is still enchanting fans today.

Warner Brothers has even developed a spinoff/prequel movie franchise in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

There are Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter all over the world, creating a unique theme park experience for Potter fans.

However, at the heart of things, it all started with the books. Seven instalments told the story of how a boy from Surrey discovered he belonged to a world of magic defeated the greatest dark wizard of all time.

There was sorcery, there was adventure, and like any good story, there was romance. There was actually a lot of romance.

To this day, the romantic pairings in the Harry Potter series are some of the most hotly debated topics.

Whether you think Hermione should've ended up with Harry, or Lily with Snape, there's an argument to be made for your ship.

However, what if Hermione had gotten together with Ginny, or Harry with Ron?

Thanks to the artists of the internet, across sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr, there are tons of pairings to imagine.

This list will count down some of the most original and unexpected potential relationships in the Potterverse. Some are popular ships, and actually have quite a bit of logic behind them. Others are simply interesting wishful thinking. But every single piece comes from incredible talent.

Here are the 20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Harry Potter Couples.

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20 Draco and Harry

One of the most popular couples in the Harry Potter fandom is that of Harry and Draco Malfoy.

It's not surprising; there's always the hope that a crackling rivalry could mean sparks in another way.

After all, opposites attract. Even so, Harry and Draco would be a surprising match.

They share similar traits: ambition, pride and dedication. But their upbringings had serious effects on their overall personality.

It's hard to imagine them getting along at all, let alone well enough to date. Still, anything's possible. And thanks to internet artists, this coupling has come true more than a few times.

One DeviantArt user, by the handle of UpTheHillArt, illustrated the pairing but added another twist. In their version, Draco is transgender.

It's a refreshing concept, and one that seems to be loved by fans.

19 Harry and Hermione

For some Potterheads, Hermione's perfect match isn't Ron, it's Harry. Included in that group is J.K. Rowling herself.

During a 2014 interview (with Hermione herself, Emma Watson), Rowling admitted, "I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That's how it was conceived, really."

It was a gut-punch to Ron/Hermione shippers everywhere, but for those who agreed it was sweet vindication.

One internet artist, by the handle of AnastasiaMantihora, illustrated the coupling with some serious (no pun intended) accuracy.

As Harry fiddles with his snitch, Hermione is holding a book. The artist even depicted Harry's signature green eyes and Hermione's bushy hair.

It appears to be during book seven, while in the tent on the hunt for horcruxes.

18 Hermione and Ginny

Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley pretty much define the concept of hard-core heroines. Hermione is the brightest witch of her age, and Ginny is a fierce Quidditch player with an even sharper wit.

Both have been known to call Harry out on his dumber moments (and he had more than a few).

However, what if they were drawn to each other, rather than the Chosen One?

Gone-Batty, as they're known on DeviantArt, went ahead and imagined it. It looks like the girls are out in Hogsmeade, or else just a private section of the castle. Ginny even got Hermione to put her book down, which is an impressive feat.

It's a surprising pair, but when comparing their traits, it's not as surprising as one might think.

17 Sirius and James

Most of the best movie and television couples are ones that start as friends. By this logic, James Potter and Sirius Black would make the strongest couple out there.

The two obviously had a natural chemistry, earning the reputation of some of the best jokers in Hogwarts history.

Andrahilde, as they're known on DeviantArt, created their own imagining of the marauders together, grabbing a quick nap in the Gryffindor common room.

The two look to have been studying their map before they fell asleep, still in their school clothes.

They look to be in their later years of Hogwarts and in this scenario, James is much more into Sirius than Lily.

16 Luna and Ginny

Luna Lovegood was a bit of an oddity but it was her quirks that made her so lovable. She was pretty blunt about things, which might go unnoticed because of how sweetly she said those things.

Ginny Weasley grew up with Fred and George, so she knows a little something about oddballs. Like Luna, Ginny was blunt, but you definitely couldn't miss it.

Considering that, it almost makes sense that Ginny would match well with Luna.

Tumblr user DasStark imagined the two of them together, and it's actually pretty adorable.

Luna looks pretty similar to her movie self, right down to the Deathly Hallows pendant, but Ginny looks much more like she's described in the books.

15 Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown

If there was one relationship in the Harry Potter franchise that was almost universally disliked, it was Ron and Lavender Brown.

She obsessed over her "Won-Won" and he was clearly in it just to have someone to make out with.

It was rough on everyone, especially Hermione and those who were rooting for Ron and Hermione from the beginning.

Still, Lavender could've found love elsewhere in the Gryffindor common room.

Tumblr artist Meabhd envisioned her with none other than Parvati Patil. The two have a bit of a Mean Girls vibe in this artwork, with Lavender whispering something (probably about someone) to Parvati.

It's not a pairing that would immediately spring to mind, but it's certainly an original one.

14 Harry and Luna

Luna and Harry always had a unique bond. In their own ways, they were both outcasts.

Luna even tries to comfort Harry about it, reassuring him "You're just as sane as I am" (the key word there being "tries").

Through this, a real friendship developed, one that was strong enough to make Luna Harry's date for Slughorn's Christmas party.

Tumblr artist AndyTheLemon envisioned what it might be like if the two had developed real romantic feelings for each other.

In their artwork, Harry is helping Luna with her hair – revealing her signature radish earrings. The chemistry seems to be in the air, with little bits of sparkles surrounding them.

Then again, it could just be nargles.

13 Lily and Remus

Lily and James Potter were considered one of the best couples to come out of Hogwarts. Lily clearly enjoyed James' joking and carefree ways.

However, remember that she did have a close bond with Remus Lupin. As he tells Harry, she was there for Lupin when he was first adjusting to becoming a werewolf.

That would've been a seriously trying time in his life, one where he'd be especially vulnerable. If Lupin and Lily were ever going to get together, it'd be then.

This is exactly how WingedCorgi, as they're known on Tumblr, imagined it.

This artist drew Lily and Remus in their older teen years, still wearing their Hogwarts robes.

They both seem to be a little nervous, but who wouldn't be?

12 Hermione and Draco

It's one of the biggest (and silliest) cliches out there: "they're picking on you because they like you!"

Well, if that's true, then Hermione's punch to Draco's face is a serious valentine.

However, for some, there was real chemistry between the two – or at least potential for it.

One artist imagined the two getting together, albeit when they're a bit older. The two seem to be studying together, which isn't at all out of the ordinary for Hermione.

What is different is that she's sleeping through it. However, judging the Draco's expression, and coffee intake, they've been at it for hours.

It's also worth noting the tentacle in the background. Is it possible that they're somehow in the Black Lake?

11 Snape and Bellatrix

Snape's love for Lily Potter is his saving grace. It's what drives him, and ultimately what redeems him. If it weren't for her, he might've remained a Death Eater forever - and that's a fun concept to play with.

Had this happened, he likely would've married another Death Eater, or a sympathizer, and been bitter forever.

One artist, whose name is unknown, imagined Snape with one of, if not the most dedicated Death Eater: Bellatrix Lestrange.

They seemed to have a particular distaste for each other in the movies, but in this version Bellatrix seems to relish holding onto Snape.

He still looks unhappy, but that might just be his natural expression. Would their ship name be...Snellatrix?

10 McGonagall and Dumbledore

In 2007, J.K. Rowling dropped a bomb on Harry Potter fans when she revealed that Dumbledore was gay and had fallen in love with Gellert Grindelwald.

It's something they're now hoping to see pay off in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. However, for some, the real magic was always between Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

One Tumblr artist by the handle of Atalienart illustrated the two dancing, much like they did at the Yule Ball.

It's hard to imagine someone like Minerva McGonagall needing or even really wanting a man around, and Dumbledore has a similar vibe, but there is a certain level of cuteness to them.

Together they definitely could be a pretty powerful wizarding couple.

9 Ginny and Draco

Throughout the series, Draco and Ginny never really interacted much. Their most memorable conversation came in Chamber of Secrets, when Ginny defends Harry.

Still, that doesn't stop fans from imagining the two of them becoming an item of their own.

Aqvarelles created a rendering of Ginny and Draco on DeviantArt, with a much more modern feel than the series would have.

It seems to be set after their years at Hogwarts, with both Ginny and Draco looking to be in their twenties at this point.

Draco is smoking a cigarette, which isn't all that out of character, but Ginny accepting it is a different story.

The two do look content together, keeping close contact through their walk. It's easy to imagine them walking around a wizarding college campus.

8 Harry and Ron

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley have arguably the greatest bromance of all time. They had an instant bond, and it was nearly unbreakable (we've forgiven Ron for leaving during the horcrux hunt, right?).

Ron didn't like Harry for his fame, and after living with the Dursleys for 12 years, a friend was exactly what Harry needed.

Of course, some fans might hope for more between the two. There are countless pieces of Harry/Ron fanfiction out there, and even more pieces of fan art.

This one comes from Rijsamurai on Tumblr. The boys look to be pretty young here, maybe just starting to explore their feelings.

The artist actually has a whole series of reimagined Harry Potter characters on their page, including Hagrid and Ginny.

7 Ron and Draco

The Malfoys and the Weasleys were two families that just did not get along. It makes sense; the Malfoys thought they were superior to everyone, but especially the wizarding families who sympathized with muggles.

Arthur Weasley's fascination with the muggle world made him Lucius Malfoy's number one target, and Ron, Draco's.

And yet, maybe Ron and Draco could've gotten along really well. At least, that's how bbcchu pictured it on DeviantArt.

Quidditch was the official sport of the wizarding world, but in this artwork, Ron and Draco – and their kids – seem to have a deep love of a different world cup.

Ron and Draco were both fierce Quidditch competitors. Odds are that their kids would be the same way.

6 Teddy Lupin and James Sirius Potter

This coupling is surprising, but not problematic. Teddy Lupin and James Sirius Potter aren't technically related.

Harry is only Teddy's godfather, but there's no blood relation.

Teddy and James are actually a pretty popular pairing throughout the internet - together they're known as "Jeddy." They even got their own celebration on Tumblr called Jeddyfest.

That's where this artwork came about. The exact artist is unclear, since the piece was the face of the Jeddyfest account.

Teddy, with his blue hair thanks to the skills inherited from Tonks, appears to have James' Quidditch jersey on while James himself has grabbed Teddy's house sweatshirt.

The boys look happy together, in what appears to be an apartment with enchanted plants.

5 Lupin and Sirius

Outside of Wormtail, all the marauders were close. They were carefree boys at school, who loved getting into mischief.

Some of that was seen during Prisoner of Azkaban when Lupin and Sirius first meet at the Shrieking Shack. They banter back and forth dramatically before breaking into laughs and helping each other.

For some fans, this signified a deeper bond between the two – one that could've been romantic once upon a time.

You could say there was an animalistic connection between the two, considering one is a werewolf and the other's animagus is a dog.

The pairing has come to be known as Wolfstar, and this artwork came from the Tumblr account known as Everythings-Wolfstar.

As they put it in their bio, they're all about "all things Remus/Sirius for those who love a bit of puppy love."

4 Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Granger-Weasley

One of the immediate reactions to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was that Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Severus Potter had some of the most palpable chemistry since Harry and Hermione.

However, one DeviantArt user had another idea: Scorpius and Rose Granger-Weasley.

In viria13's imagining, Scorpius seems to be totally smitten by Rose as the two sit through their herbology lesson.

She seems to be either confused or unaware of his feelings but it's still an interesting pairing to think about. It's one that Ron wouldn't have been too pleased about though.

He encouraged Rose to beat Scorpius on every test, but warned her not to get too friendly with him because Grandpa Arthur would never forgive her.

3 Luna and Ron

It can be hard to imagine Ron with anyone but Hermione, but kkkiokio did it. They opted to pair Ron off with Luna.

This rendering is actually a recreation of a scene from Order of the Phoenix where the gang is riding to the castle from the train. This was the moment where everyone was mostly terrified of "Luny" Lovegood, but it's an interesting couple to think about.

Luna's oddities might help to make Ron a little more confident and open-minded. Growing up with Fred and George, Ron is well-equipped to handle surprises.

Luna would be far less intense than Fred and George but just as whimsical.

Considering her affinity for unique magical creatures, it's also possible that she'd be able to help him get over his fears of spiders.

2 Pansy Parkinson and Hermione

Pansy Parkinson is one of those Harry Potter characters that's easily forgotten. She was the Slytherin mean girl, and her standout moment in the films came when she encouraged everyone to grab Harry and give him up to the Dark Lord.

However, in another piece by UpTheHillArt, she's found love with Hermione.

Hermione could probably stand her ground easily with Pansy. She never took flack from anyone, Ron and Harry included, so she could handle someone as tough as Pansy.

Slytherins are known for their ambition, which would actually match well with Hermione's own work ethic.

Who knows how long it would last, but it's definitely a unique idea. Long live the #Pansmione ship?

1 Harry and Neville

It may be the Harry Potter franchise, but it could just as easily have been the Neville Longbottom franchise. As Dumbledore reveals to Harry in book five, Professor Trelawney's prophecy could have been referring to Neville.

Though he may not be the Chosen One, Neville is definitely still a hero. It is him who destroys Nagini, the second-to-last horcrux.

With such noble and heroic tendencies – they're both very aptly placed in Gryffindor – it makes sense that Harry and Neville would make a decent couple.

DeviantArtist Linnpuzzle went ahead and illustrated it, fittingly naming the piece "Boys of the Prophecy."

Neville looks more confident than he usually might; perhaps it's because Harry is a supportive arm.


What do you think of these unexpected Harry Potter couples? Let us know in the comments!

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