15 Things Wrong With The Harry Potter Movies That We All Choose To Ignore

While Harry Potter might be one of the best film franchises of all time, it's never been perfect. Translating a large novel series into a film series can be rather difficult. From casting issues to the need to cut out various details from the book for time, a lot had to be sacrificed in order to bring the movies to the big screen.

That being said, there were some things wrong with the film franchise that could have been avoided. Mistakes were made that messed up certain aspects of the movies. Thankfully, Harry Potter fans are so adamant that most choose to ignore some of the flaws throughout the series. From missing characters to over-dramatic moments, there are plenty of discrepancies to go around.

Although most love the Harry Potter franchise, that doesn't excuse the faults that the films made. However, since so many love the movies, a lot of those faults are easily forgiven. It's easy to forgive mistakes when you hold a place in your heart for the series itself. If it was a different film franchise, this might be a different story.

Here are the 15 Things Wrong With The Harry Potter Movies That We All Choose To Ignore.

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The Marauders in a flashback scene
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15 The Marauders Were All Way Older Than They Were Supposed to Be

The Marauders in a flashback scene

James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew all made up the friend group called the Marauders. While they might have been young in the novels, the actors who played them as adults were much older. The only reason why this is forgiven is because the actors who portrayed them all were all well known and acclaimed.

Harry's parents were extremely young when he was born. That means that all of the Marauders should have been in their early to mid thirties by the time Harry meets all of them. That being said, the Harry Potter franchise attracted some of the most prestigious actors the world had to offer.

That's how David Thewlis, Gary Oldman, and Timothy Spall ended up in the roles of Lupin, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew. Let's just say that, at the time, none of the actors were even remotely close to being the age they needed to be to fit the roles that they had been cast in.

14 Malfoy's Friend Group Change

Malfoy had his two lackeys: Crabbe and Goyle. However, Crabbe ended up going missing later on in the series. It looked as though Malfory had replaced Crabbe with Blaise Zabini, a fellow Slytherin who was more reserved than the rest of Malfoy's gang. Crabbe was essentially missing in action, which went unfazed by Malfoy and Goyle.

Turns out, the actor who portrayed Crabbe, Jamie Waylett, had some issues behind the scenes. After being arrested for growing marijuana at his mom's home and for possessing a knife, he was sentenced to a "young offender's institution" in England. Producers decided that they didn't need the hassle that Waylett brought to the table, as the young actor had been a bit rowdy.

Waylett was arrested again after he stole champagne from a store during the 2011 London riots. Though he had originally been arrested for having a petrol bomb, this was untrue. He ended up being charged to two years of prison for both violent disorder and stealing.

13 Dumbledore's Reaction to Harry's Name Being In The Goblet

Dumbledore Runs at Harry in Goblet of Fire

The personality of Albus Dumbledore changed greatly throughout the Harry Potter series. It is mostly due to the fact that they had to change actors as the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris, passed away after the second film. So, they ended up going with seasoned actor, Michael Gambon, instead.

With the actors changing, writers had to work around some things. While Dumbledore's personality began seeming less and less like he was in the books, it still worked for the films for the most part. However, things went downhill when one scene was completely different than the book.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore is supposed to react calm and quietly when asking Harry about how his name ended up in the goblet. However, in the film, this scene ended up being much more dramatic as Dumbledore basically flies across the room and yells at Harry when he asks him about it. It's just completely wrong.

12 Ginny's Boring Personality

Ginny Weasley seems to be almost everyone's favorite character when it comes to the Harry Potter books, but not when it comes to the movies. As to why Ginny wasn't recast after the first film is beyond most people, as the movies recast many actors throughout the series.

Instead, producers kept on with Bonnie Wright even though she was extremely young in the first movie. They had no idea how she would turn out as an actress.

Sadly, Wright wasn't able to bring out the beauty of Ginny Weasley on screen. Furthermore, writers didn't help her much. Instead of being fierce, independent, and simply incredible, she ended up more simple, boring, and dependent. There's a complete differences between Ginny in the book versus Ginny in the films. It just never added up together.

11 Harry's Eye Color

In the Harry Potter novels, Harry's eyes are supposed to green to match his mother's. Everyone who knew Harry's parents always told Harry, "you have your mother's eyes." Both Harry's and Lily Potter's eyes were supposed to be green, but Harry's ended up blue, while younger Lily's ended up being brown.

Originally, Daniel Radcliffe was supposed to wear colored contact lenses in order to turn his naturally blue eyes to green. However, after using them the first few days, Radcliffe couldn't wear them.

It wasn't that he was just irritated by the contact lenses, but he was actually allergic to them. Producers tried to work through it even though Radcliffe's eyes were irritated. In the end, it became too much for everyone, so they gave up on the idea of making Harry's eyes green like in the book.

10 Where Was Peeves?

Rik Mayall as Peeves in Harry Potter deleted scene

Peeves was actually supposed to be in the Harry Potter films. Originally, he was going to be portrayed by actor Rik Mayall who passed away in 2014. However, the scene that Mayall filmed for the movie was eventually left behind on the cutting room floor.

For such a memorable character to be left out of the Harry Potter series isn't a small thing. In fact, it was actually Mayall's issues that caused Peeves to be cut out of the films. After being hired on, he started causing problems.

According to Mayall himself, "I got sent off the set because every time I tried to do a bit of acting, all the lads who were playing the school kids kept getting the giggles." He was eventually told to leave the set and was cut from the first movie because he wasn't working out. Producers needed to stay on schedule.

After Mayall was cut from the films, they decided to keep going with the trend of pretending Peeves didn't exist. While it might have been frustrating for them filming Peeves's scenes, they probably shouldn't have cut out such an important character.

9 The Old-Age Makeup In The Epilogue Scene

Harry Potter Epilogue

There's plenty to say about the epilogue at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Even in the novel, it seemed off. However, the actual scene in the final movie was even more critical, as well as more frustrating, than in the novel.

One of the worst parts of the epilogue scene was the old-age makeup. There wasn't a lot of effort given when it came to making sure that Harry and the gang ended up looking older. They all ended up looking like kids with a lot of makeup on.

For a film with a ridiculous budget, they sure didn't seem to spend that much making sure the makeup was good enough. The fact that this was the last thing that audiences saw at the end of the franchise was not only disappointing, but also infuriating to say the least.

8 Moaning Myrtle Being Portrayed By a 37 Year Old

Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Moaning Myrtle was meant to be only a young teenager when she died at Hogwarts. However, casting directors gave the role over to Shirley Henderson, an actress in her late thirties. Of course, this makes her the oldest actor to portray a student at Hogwarts.

Since Henderson was barley five feet tall and looked so young, they thought they could get away with using her since she came off so well as Moaning Myrtle. However, while she might have looked young for her age, she still seemed older than all the other kids at Hogwarts.

It doesn't help that they put a ton of makeup on her. Not only that, but now it's even stranger to think back on Myrtle's flirtatious moves on Harry because of the massive age gap.

7 The Missing Storyline of Neville's Parents

neville longbottom

Neville's life was almost very different. In fact, this is highlighted in the novels when Harry and the gang go to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and discover Neville's parents there.

This part of the book series gave so much perspective on Neville, a character who became so incredibly dire and important as the books went on. Sadly, this whole storyline was cut from the films.

Being Neville Longbottom is a difficult thing. He lost his parents too in a way, yet he didn't get recognized as a hero the same way that Harry did. There was a reason why Neville was in Gryffindor and that becomes apparent as the story goes on.

Most likely, Neville's family background storyline was cut due to time. It's a long story and there probably just wasn't enough time for it.

6 Time Turner Magic Is Never Explained

Time Turner in Harry Potter

So, this one is a highlight of both the book and the film. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was one of the most eye-opening novels in the franchise, partially due to the introduction of time travelling magic. The thing is, though, that it's hard to bring time travel into a story without finding a bunch of other moments in the series where this kind of magic would have come in handy.

The movie does an even worse job of it, though. They never truly provide an explanation of how time turner magic really works or how Hermione was using it. Plus, the scenes were somewhat sloppily done-- microphone packs could be seen in some of the flashback scenes.

A major reason why time turner magic is never truly looked into is that there's probably not a way to explain it without contradicting other magic in the Harry Potter world. Unfortunately, this leaves a huge gap in the franchise.

5 Emma Watson Didn't Look Like Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Confundus Charm Quidditch

Emma Watson was a perfect Hermione when it came to her personality. Essentially, she portrayed the magical, more over-exaggerated version of herself in the Harry Potter films. However, when it came to her looks, Watson was a bit too different compared to her on screen persona.

Hermione was supposed to have jagged teeth and frizzy hair. She ends up changing her looks-- particularly that of her hair-- in a storyline that ended up never making it on screen. While the first film showed Hermione in her frizzy haired glory, the films started slacking on keeping up with it as the franchise went on.

Specifically, this took away from her moment at the yule ball. While yes, Watson looked gorgeous in her dress, it wasn't the moment it was supposed to be because there wasn't a buildup. Producers allowed Watson to look more like herself in the movies, rather than changing her to look more like the classic Hermione.

4 The Case of the Missing Weasley Children

The Weasley's had plenty of storyline's that were cut for the films. However, one of the largest issues was that two of their children were missing. While Percy was a around in the beginning, his storyline of going against his family in favor of the ministry was completely cut out. As for Charlie, he only existed in everyone's imagination.

The family of Ron Weasley was unique, humorous, and loving. They had all sorts of drama and ways of connecting within the Harry Potter world. Sadly, Percy's turmoil never made it to the big screen. However, at least that was more than what Charlie got. The guy worked with dragons, yet we didn't even really see him.

Harry's relationship with the Weasley family was focused on in the films. They became his family and he saw them in good times and in bad. Not highlighting these missing Weasley children/moments was detrimental to the evolution of Harry's relationship with the family as a whole.

3 Tom the Inkeeper's Change

Derek Deadman and Jim Tavare as Tom the Innkeeper in Harry Potter

For some reason, Tom, the inkeeper of the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley, completely changed in the movies. It feels like the Harry Potter producers either didn't realize that they had already shown Tom in another light, or that they just didn't care, as the character was basically two extremely different people. Yes, the actor was recast, but it's more of an issue of a change in identity.

Apparently, not a whole lot of people took issue with Tom becoming a completely different person. Some even have theories as to why it occurred. That being said, it just didn't make sense in the movies, as they never explained why the change happened.

Were they just hoping that everyone would have forgotten what Tom looked like in the very first Harry Potter movie?

2 Ron and Hermione's Kiss Leaves More to Be Desired

Ron and Hermione were a long time coming. That being said, they might not have pushed it hard enough when it came to the moment everyone had been waiting years for.

In the book series, Ron and Hermione's kiss comes in a moment of full-on passion. The two had been building up to this moment for years and the kiss reflected that. However, fans were disappointed when the kiss in the movie ended up being lackluster and more of a humorous moment.

The kiss between Ron and Hermione in the films was more forced and less exaggerated. After realizing that they could have been seriously harmed, the two pause and then kiss.

While the change might not seem as dire to some, to the biggest of fans, it's a major misstep. It's just another part of the reason why people debate Ron and Hermione's relationship. It just didn't fit them.

1 Lavender Brown Changed Skin Color

Jennifer Smith and Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown in Harry Potter

Yet another recast Harry Potter actor was Lavender Brown. That being said, she didn't just change when it came to who portrayed her, but her entire ethnicity was flipped.

While it's not uncommon for actors to be recast, especially when it comes to child actors who grow and evolve, this one is strange. Why change the ethnicity of a character? What purpose does that serve? While the actor, Jessie Cave, ended up portraying Lavender Brown later on, the role had originally gone to Jennifer Smith.

Apparently, there's no real reason as to why Smith was replaced by Cave. When Jennifer Smith got the role in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it wasn't even a speaking role. When it came time to give Lavender Brown a solid actor to portray her, casting directors thought that Cave was the best fit.


Is there anything else wrong in the Harry Potter movies that fans ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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