Harry Potter: 15 Things You Never Knew About The Burrow

Home to the loving, yet large, Weasley family, The Burrow is one of the most beloved places in the Harry Potter universe. First visited by Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Burrow becomes a home to not just the Weasley kids, but to the extended network of family and friends that the Weasleys warm up to.

The Burrow is where Harry and Ginny first really got to know each other. It's where the kids learned about Dumbledore's last will and testament. It's where Fred, George, and Ron brought Harry via the flying car after rescuing him from the Dursley's.

It's one of the first places where Harry truly feels at home. Though visited much less in the movies than in the novels, the Burrow is an incredibly special place to many of the main characters in the Harry Potter universe.

While you might think you know everything there is to know about the Burrow, there are plenty of facts you actually might not have known about before now. From understanding the fire set on the Burrow, to what was really going on when Molly wasn't being a good hostess, there's so much to learn about your favorite magical home.

Here are 15 Things You Never Knew About The Burrow.

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15 The surrounding land changes in the movies

All of the Harry Potter movies become darker as they progress. This is because, at the beginning, Harry is just excited to go to Hogwarts. However, as Harry continues to mature and learn about his parents, things become much darker in content.

The Burrow is no different. The once pleasant and vibrant home fell victim to the same darkness as all the other places in the Harry Potter world. When first seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the surrounding land is grassy and there's a shining lake nearby.

However, once audiences see it again in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the lake is completely dried up and the once grassy area has become marshy. It represents how times were changing during that period of time due to Voldemort's return.

14 It Was Burned Down In The Movies

While fans might not have been all that into the idea of the Burrow being burned down in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, there was some importance to the event. In the novel, there's a circulation of ongoing news reports about Death Eater attacks. While that worked in the book, producers wanted a better representation of that in the movie.

In order to show what was happening directly, it was decided that there would be a scene of the Burrow being set on fire. While the scene was supposed to be better for the movie's pacing, fans were divided on whether or not it was a good choice.

Some fans were upset because things go down completely different in the novel. However, fans who weren't as attached to the novel appreciated the drama of it all.

13 Arthur Weasley built The Burrow out of “architectural muggle salvage”

Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter

According to Pottermore, Arthur Weasley was so into his muggle stuff that he even put his love of all things muggles into his home. Production designer Stuart Craig, who was in charge of creating the Burrow, took directly from the novels, specifically Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in order to create the famous Weasley home.

Knowing that Arthur and Molly built the home themselves, Craig put Arthur's love for muggle artifacts into the house: "It is a mad wizarding home, but built out of very real, recognizable materials, readily available. His roof structure is made of salvaged timber, and it’s clad with slates and tiles and wooden shingles, anything he could acquire."

While the home is certainly magical, it makes sense that Arthur would incorporate some muggle pieces into it.

12 There’s no explanation as to how the Weasley family revived their home after it was burned down

While the producers decided to burn down the Burrow, they still needed to use it after. Thus they decided to just let it be-- meaning that they never really explained how it got rebuilt, but somehow it was and fans were meant to just accept it.

Instead of coming up with some excuse or providing the curious audience with some sort of a backstory, the producers decided to just magic the home back into the series. Hence the Burrow is simply put back together in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

When Hagrid brings Harry to the Burrow, it's as if nothing had happened to it. There's no solid explanation as to how the Weasley's rebuilt their home or what happened during that period.

11 Ginny’s room has a picture of the captain of the Holyhead Harpies hanging on the wall

Ginny Weasley was the most talented member in her family when it came to Quidditch. She was one of the most talented players of her time and because of that, she was able to have a pretty solid career as a Quidditch chaser. In fact, she ended up playing for the Holyhead Harpies, a famous all-female Quidditch team.

Ginny's love for the Holyhead Harpies started way before she became a successful chaser for the team. In her small pink room at the Burrow, Ginny had a poster of Gwenog Jones hanging on her wall.

Jones was captain of the Holyhead Harpies for awhile, but she was a beater for the team rather than a chaser. This acted to foreshadow her future career.

Ginny also had a poster of the Weird Sisters hanging on her wall, a band that many Hogwarts students were fond of.

10 There was a smaller model of The Burrow created to be burned down

Since the Burrow needed to be around after being engulfed in flames-- specifically for Bill and Fleur's wedding-- producers weren't just going to allow for the actual building to be destroyed. Therefore, they had to come up with a different idea that included creating a smaller version of the house for them to burn down in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Production designers worked months creating the smaller version of the Burrow. It ended up being about a third of the size of the real house. Then, after all that work that took months of time to accomplish, it only took them minutes to burn the entire thing down for the cameras.

Whether or not all that work was worth it, due to the scene being such an issue with the most passionate of fans, is still up in the air.

9 When Lord Voldemort returned, the hands on the Weasley's famous clock pointed to "mortal peril”

Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter

The famous Weasley clock in the Burrow wasn't actually a clock when it came to telling time. Instead, it had nine hands, each one with a picture of one of the Weasley family members on it. Instead of numbers, the clock had words written on them including "home," "school," "work," and so on. There were also some interesting ones, such as "you're late" and "prison."

After Lord Voldemort returned, though, all nine hands on the clock pointed to "mortal peril" and wouldn't budge from there. It indicated that, with Lord Voldemort returning, no one in the family was safe and that they really were continuously in danger.

Things even got so bad that Molly would constantly carry around the clock with her in case something changed.

8 The walls of The Burrow were covered with pictures that were drawn by kids

It's not a secret that Molly and Arthur had a ton of children. The Weasley family was a large one for sure. With tons of kids comes lots of clutter-- including personal artwork. Of course, Molly and Arthur loved each one of their children for being who they were and they regularly celebrated all of their accomplishments.

In order to make the Burrow really look like the Weasley family actually lived there, children's artwork was hung up on all the walls in the movies.

It only makes sense that Molly and Arthur would want to decorate their home with the artwork made by their kids. In order to do this for the film, real kids ended up drawing pictures to be hung up around the Burrow. So Fred, George, Percy, Ron, and all the other kids had their childhoods represented.

7 Fleur and her sister stayed in Percy’s abandoned room before the wedding

Percy turned his back on his family, but it wasn't something that the movies really went into much detail about. That being said, he still had an impact. Rather, his absence still had a lot of impact as Molly always kept his room available for him in case he wanted to come back home. No matter what, Molly was willing to do anything for her kids.

Sadly, Percy had his own issues that weren't going to be changed overnight. He ended up not attending Bill's wedding. When it came time for Fleur and Bill to become married, Fleur and her sister ended up staying in Percy's room at the Burrow since he wasn't there to claim it.

The two sisters were close, and with it being a very cramped household at the time, Molly wasn't able to keep Percy's room free anymore. She had to allow someone to stay in there because there wasn't enough room for everyone.

6 The Burrow has been recreated by fans in many different ways

With the Burrow being such a distinguishable place in the Harry Potter movies, it only makes sense that fans would want to replicate it. Fans all across the world have recreated the Burrow in many different ways, including creating versions of it in The Sims.

One fan even created a gingerbread version of the Burrow that ended up going viral. For someone to recreate the Burrow out of food is pretty incredible. Of course, the gingerbread house version of the Burrow got a lot of attention, but there's been more than one recreation of the Burrow in food form.

Fans have gone above and beyond to create their own unique versions of the very famous Weasley home.

5 It’s never described where Charlie Weasley's bedroom would have been

The Burrow included many bedrooms, but some of the kids still had to share space. When Harry first visited the home, both Bill and Charlie had already moved out. That being said, Bill did have his own room in the house, but neither the book nor the movie go into depth as to where Charlie's room would have been. With visitors like Hermione and Harry always coming in and out, it's not like there was a ton of room anyway.

With Fred and George sharing a room, Charlie must have shared a room with someone too. It would have been kind of unfortunate for Bill and Charlie to have shared a room since they were the two oldest Weasley kids.

However, with there being no extra room for Charlie, he must have shared with someone else in the house. Either that or room arrangements were different before he moved out. He might have had Ron's room or shared with Percy.

4 De-gnoming the garden wasn't in the movies, but it was a few of the video games

De-gnoming the Weasley garden at the Burrow was an incredibly fun thing to read about in the Harry Potter series. Since Ron basically insisted on Harry becoming part of the family, he too had to help with Ron's various chores.

However, many fans were sad when they discovered that the scene never made it into the movies. Due to a lack of time, producers decided that the scene wasn't important enough to warrant any screen time.

While the scene didn't make it into the film, it did make an appearance in some of the video game versions. It makes sense because throwing gnomes seems like a pretty fun thing to do, even if the Weasley children didn't think so. Putting it into the video games was a great idea.

3 The Burrow's kitchen is one of the main stops on the studio tour

Self Cleaning Dishes at the Burrow in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter studio tours are in high demand. Some of the best places to stop include the Great Hall at Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. There's another stop on the tour that many fans love to see as well, though: the kitchen of the Burrow.

Fans can actually visit the Burrow while on the studio tour. While the entire house isn't up for grabs, the kitchen is available for viewing. The kitchen is on full display during the tour, with special things-- including wardrobe and famous props-- placed around the room.

You can feel like you're actually in the Weasley home, minus the magical dishes that wash themselves. While the Burrow might be tons of fun, don't forget that there are plenty of other stops to see on the tour as well.

2 Harry called it the best house he’s ever been in

Weasley Family Kitchen Breakfast Chamber of Secrets

While Ron might have thought his house was nothing special, Harry, like many fans, thought it was amazing. He even called it the best house he had ever been in. What makes the Burrow special isn't necessarily the house itself, though. Think about it: the house is small, cramped, and there's a ghoul living in the attic. However, there's still something incredibly special about it.

The Burrow is special because it is the home of all of the love that Molly and Arthur gave their children. The house feels warm, loving, and accepting. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the family there.

What makes the home so special isn't the house itself, but the love inside of it. the Burrow is truly a special place not just to Harry, but to anyone who has been sucked into the Harry Potter world.

1 Moody says "head for the burrows" instead of "head to the Burrow"

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, there's a mistake revolving around the Burrow. When Moody is instructing everyone on how to get Harry from the Dursley's home to the Burrow, he calls the Weasley home by the wrong name. He was supposed to say, "Head for the Burrow. We rendezvous there." Instead, he says this: "Head for the burrows. We rendezvous there."

How this wasn't dealt with before the movie hit theaters is astounding to most. However, not everyone noticed it, and since the film was so big, it makes sense that there would be a few mistakes.

Moody saying "the burrows" instead of "the Burrow" is a minor misstep that no one really noticed at the time. It helps that none of the other characters corrected him in the movie, so it felt like nothing wrong actually happened.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Harry Potter's Burrow? Let us know in the comments!

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