The Main Harry Potter Actors Take the Ten Year Challenge

The Harry Potter movies to this day are beloved by the children who grew up watching the students Hogwarts transform into the bright men and women of the Wizard World. More than that as well, the actors and actresses who portrayed these iconic characters have changed quite a bit from their time as a part of J.K Rowling's universe.

In this list, we will highlight the differences in the past 10 years of some of your favorites both minor and major. We'll also catch up with their careers and see what they've been up to recently. So let's get into these 11 Harry Potter actors as they take the 10-year challenge.

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10 Emma Watson

Out of all the former Harry Potter lads and ladies, Emma Watson has arguably gained the most attention of all them. Not only has she starred in several hit films, done several modeling shoots but she's also accomplished quite a bit of work as one of Hollywood's foremost feminist fighters. It's fair to say that she's doing her character, Hermione, proud.

Perhaps most notably in terms of film, Watson starred in Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast back in 2017.  While the film as a whole has a mixed reception, Watson's performance seems to have hit the mark for most fans. Rock on Miss Watson.

9 Rupert Grint

Of the three main Gryffindor characters, Rupert Grint has definitely kept the lowest profile between his former cast mates. That isn't to say though that he retired from Hollywood or anything like that.

His most notable on-screen roles would have to be in the two British comedies Sick Note and Snatch. Moreover,  Grint has taken up roles behind the scenes of theatre production and movies as part of stage production for a pair of plays and as an executive producer for the earlier mentioned Snatch.

8 Daniel Radcliffe

The leading man (or boy as it were) himself, Daniel Radcliffe made enough money from his time on the Harry Potter movies to never work another day in his life but Radcliffe hasn't rested on his laurels.

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Compared to his work on J.K Rowling's stories, Radcliffe has maintained a relatively low profile preferring to star in films that strike his fancy. This includes all manner of genres including comedy (Lost In LondonSwiss Army Man), drama ( Horns, Victor Frankenstein) and romance (The F Word). Recently he's also spoken about his struggles with alcoholism during his filming of the Harry Potter movies.

7 Ralph Fiennes

Casual fans might not recognize who the actor above is, but that is actually none other than the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. Yes, He Who Must Not Be Named's actor does indeed have a nose and his name is Ralph Fiennes. Not the nose, the person.

Fiennes has starred in a bunch of films since the Harry Potter series ended, but none of the other films matter when you've been in a Batman movie. Yup, Fiennes was the voice of none other than Alfred Pennyworth in The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego MovieThe Second Part. We wonder how he felt about not voicing Voldemort in the former movie...

6 Bonnie Wright

Harry Potter's beloved wife and mother to his children, Bonnie Wright portrayed the love of the Boy Who Lived's life (apologies to Harry and Hermione shippers), Ginny Weasley. Wright's character didn't get much love in the films, as her screen time was limited and she doesn't seem to have missed the spotlight.

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Much like some of her other cast members, Wright seems to be focusing more on smaller, independent movies instead of massive blockbusters like she did as a child actor. She's even lent a hand as a screenwriter and director on some projects. To whatever she chooses to do in the future, all the best to this ginger knockout.

5 Evanna Lynch

Although maybe not quite as free-spirited as her character Luna Lovegood (then again who can be), Irish actress Evanna Lynch has definitely done something after her Harry Potter career that would turn some heads.

Dancing With The Stars season 27 saw Lynch dance with Latin and Ballroom dancer Keo Motsepe. Not only did she compete however, she made all it the way to the finale! She would come away with third place but this isn't anything to scoff at considering she had no real dancing training prior to the show.

4 Robert Pattinson

Nobody could have expected that Cedric Diggory of all people would have gone on to be one of the most successful actors of all the Harry Potter stars. But here we are, with Robert Pattinson as arguably become the biggest star of all Harry Potter actors.

The obvious evidence of this would be the Twilight series of films where he starred as the vampire Edward Cullen. While they do earn much mockery, there's no doubt that they were massive hits at the box office with fans. We lived through the Twilight era and believe us, it was big.

3 Tom Felton

While he may have played an evil little Draco Malfoy in the films, fans have embraced actor Tom Felton as one of their favorites for his charm and dashing good looks. Thankfully for fans, Felton has kept himself quite busy in the years that have passed since the final Harry Potter movie.

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Perhaps most notably, Felton starred in popular superhero television series The Flash season 3 as forensic scientist Julian Albert. He does also give love back to the fans by attending several fan conventions, so if you're a fan, keep a lookout for his upcoming appearances.

2 James and Oliver Phelps

If you were to remove the evilness from Loki and clone him, you'd prob get something akin to the Weasley twins as portrayed by James and Oliver Phelps. Unlike many of the other Weasley family members who still have ginger red hair after their roles have long past, they've one back to being brunette.

Once the series concluded, the twins starred in some small time television and film roles but for the most part, they've stayed away from the bright lights of Hollywood. Most recently, James Phelps starred in a theatre production in London called The Greater Game and Oliver seems to be just enjoying life. Hopefully, he's still pranking his pals.

1 Matthew Lewis

The criminally underrated Neville Longbottom was never truly given his due by his classmates until the end of the series, but the actor who portrayed him, Matthew Lewis, has certainly garnered much respect in the years after Harry Potter's final chapter.

Not only did he blossom into one of the most handsome guys in the Harry Potter stable, but he's also been in a bunch of other television shows and movies. But our personal favorite appearance of his would be his cameo in the Impractical Jokers series. Good stuff.

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