Harry Potter: 10 Students Who Would Have Been Great Prefects (But Were Never Chosen)

Prefects at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are responsible for looking after the younger students while guiding them through some of the questions they may have about their new magical home. For a lot of wizards and witches, the idea of attending a new school can be rather intimidating, especially considering the fact that they will be living in said school for seven years of their lives. Prefects not only create rules for the students, but they also offer guidance.

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Here is a list of 10 Harry Potter characters who would have been incredible prefects during their time at Hogwarts (but were not chosen).


Back in the day, Sirius Black would have made an excellent prefect because he's friendly and understanding when it comes to the needs of others. Sure, he might be described as a bit of a bad boy, but just because he lives his life on the rebellious side doesn't mean he wouldn't be a great leader to help guide the younger students through their time at Hogwarts.

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After all, look at how much he helped Harry Potter. He basically took the role as Harry's uncle after The Prisoner of Azkaban, or at least did a terrific job serving as his godparent. Sirius proves that you don't have to be a stickler when it comes to rules in order to be a great teacher and guidance counselor.


How has Molly Weasley not been a prefect during her time as a student at Hogwarts? This is beyond us, because Mrs. Weasley is the ultimate provider and caretaker. We assume her maternal demeanor existed long before she ever had all seven kids because that's just her nature.

She would do an excellent job leading the first years through Hogwarts while at the same time helping them feel more comfortable during their stay at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Although Hogwarts is wonderful, it can get quite dark at times, and Molly would provide that force of warmth as a prefect.


Luna Lovegood is the poster child for the phrase "not all who wander are lost." She may seem as though she is a bit airy with her head stuck in the clouds, but this doesn't indicate by any means that she is not an intelligent young lady. Luna is filled with endless knowledge and wisdom that can certainly be valuable to her fellow students at Hogwarts.

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One does not have to be conventionally smart like Hermione in order to be a good teacher. Luna can offer so much as a prefect in her own unique way, and students would be lucky to have her take the lead. Plus, she'd do a great job keeping all the nargles away.


Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter

Out of all the students at Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom seemed to be the one to show the most improvement throughout the years. He has grown up immensely from being a stuttering scaredy cat to the man who is able to stand up to the darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort.

Not even Harry can do so in the way that Neville so effortlessly does! Neville would be a terrific prefect because he personally knows what it is like to suffer as a younger student at Hogwarts. He knows what it is like to feel out of place, so his empathy on the subject can help students in ways that others simply can't.


Ginny Weasley is another example of a Hogwarts student who has come a long way since her first year at the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ginny started off as incredibly timid and she could barely even look Harry's way without blushing and stammering all over the place.

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As a young adult, she became one of the most accomplished quidditch players of all time and she was able to fully branch out from the shy young girl that she used to be. Ginny can help guide younger shyer students and help them come out of their shells, just like she has done herself during her seven years at Hogwarts.


Although we might just classify Fred Weasley as the ultimate class clown of the school, if we take a closer look at him, we realize that there is so much more to him than pranks and joke antics. Fred Weasley is not only hilarious, but he is also a brilliant character.

He is business savvy enough to start his own wildly successful business at the age of 17 when he starts Weasleys Wizard Wheezes with the help of his brother George. Who else can say they began a worldwide business at that age? It takes a skilled genius to get to that place, and Fred can teach the younger students a whole lot as a prefect.


Fred and George Weasley Goblet of Fire

And of course, where would Fred Weasley be without his brother George? George would also make an excellent prefect because, like his brother, there is a lot more up his sleeve than silly tricks to provoke laughter. George is as intelligent as they get and he has enough wit to charm the pants off of Lord Voldemort.

His creative ideas can easily be applied to his work as a prefect and he can come up with all sorts of fun ways to make sure the younger students feel more at home while at Hogwarts.


Cho Chang might have made a mistake during Order of the Phoenix when she confessed to Professor Umbridge that she and several other students were assembling their own army. Dumbledore's Army. Yet we can't blame her too much because, one, We all make mistakes, and two, she was being interrogated by Professor Umbridge who happens to be one of the most terrifying witches of all time.

The poor girl was only fifteen at the time! What can you really expect? She is human after all. On the whole, she is a kind and gentle person who would do a great job leading the younger students while helping them feel more at ease during their seven-year stay.


Harry Potter Tonks

During Nymphadora Tonks' time at Hogwarts, she would have made an excellent prefect despite the fact that she never took on this role. Something about her just screams "leader" and who wouldn't want to have Tonks as their guide and role model at Hogwarts?

She marches to the beat of her own drum and she can teach the other students how cool it is to just be yourself without trying to be anything else. She is like that one awesome camp counselor who everyone both loves and respects.


And finally, if Rubeus Hagrid hadn't been framed by Tom Riddle while a student at Hogwarts, he would have made the perfect prefect. He is a natural when it comes to guiding others as we can see during his time spent with Harry, Ron, and Hermione throughout the series.

Although they are much younger than him, he still treats the kids as his equals and this proves he would be perfectly skilled at helping some of the younger and less confident students.

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