10 Storylines From The Harry Potter Books That Should Be Made Into Their Own Movies

Any fan of Harry Potter could likely easily site to you all the events that didn’t make it into the movies, that they really wish had been included. We all have parts that we desperately wish had been included and will always lament their loss.

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But what about entire storylines? Okay, that one may be fairly easy as well. Some we’ll cite just because they should have been in the original movies, to begin with, such as Peeves. But what about the plots that could easily be developed into their own movies? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see even more movies coming out from the World of Harry Potter?

Here is a relatively short list of some of the storylines that could, and should, be made into their own movies.

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Dobby in Harry Potter
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10 Dobby & Kreacher

Dobby in Harry Potter

In the books, Dobby and Kreacher got slightly more fair treatment than in the movies. They had full characters arcs and were given multiple chances to shine. Dobby got some of those chances in the movies – but not as many as we would have liked. Likewise, some of Kreacher’s best moments were left out of the movies entirely.

A movie focusing on the ignored house elves would be amazing. They could finally do justice to Kreacher’s plot (which is quite heartbreaking), actually introduce Winky, and ideally, show us more about Dobby. To further sweeten the deal, they could include the history of all house elves. How they ended up being little more than slaves, what hope they have in the future, the progress they made at Hogwarts. Things like that.

9 A Young Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is a legend among Harry Potter fans. She had many iconic moments in both the movies and the books, but still, we find ourselves begging for more. It’s likely this desperation that caused her inclusion in Crimes of Grindelwald, even if some of us would have preferred that it never happened.

While we’re all used to thinking of McGonagall as a strict yet amazing professor, the truth of the matter is that she has a fascinating past. Her love life is a story of loss and heartbreak. Her political life is one of espionage and intrigue. It really wouldn’t take much to form her story into one us fans would happily gobble up.

8 Hogwarts Founders

Hogwarts Founders Pottermore

Thanks to bits and pieces of information dropped throughout the Harry Potter novels, we have some idea about the four founding members of Hogwarts. These founders are Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin. Together they founded Hogwarts, but they all disagreed on how to run the school best, and which students were the best fit for the school.

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Their history is somewhat sordid at times, a fact that isn’t helped by the minimal information we’re provided. Salazar was the most outspoken against the inclusion of anyone but purebloods, and obviously, we all know about the secret chamber he had built. We don’t know how he managed to get away with that. We know that Rowena lost her diadem (well, had it stolen by her daughter) and that she felt compelled to hide that from all the others. There are plenty of other tidbits that lead us to believe that a movie about these four could prove quite interesting.

7 The Ghosts Of Hogwarts

This one may not seem like it would make the best standalone movie but bear with us here. We know quite a lot about the ghosts that reside in Hogwarts now. Four of the ghosts are aligned with a different house, and those are the four we probably know the best. We know a bit about their deaths, and some of the struggles they’ve faced afterward. But there are some compelling tales to be told here. For example, the connection between the Bloody Baron and Helena Ravenclaw. Their story is tragic, but it also has all the right elements to make for a great story. There’s love, betrayal, murder, the works. And there’s no doubt that fans would love to see a bit more of Nearly Headless Nick – though a portrayal of his death would probably be a bit much for most of us.

6 The Goblin Rebellions

This is a historical event that comes up with a surprising amount of frequency. In the books, you’ll notice that Professor Binns assigns an essay on the subject. His lectures on the subject are also the ones guaranteed to put students to sleep. Well, students like Ron and Harry, that is. It’s also still a source of tension between wizards and goblins as of the time of Harry Potter.

The goblins had a series of rebellions, having become fed up with the way they were treated. Everything from the laws forbidding them to own wands, to their classification as a lesser being in the Ministry of Magic upset them, and with good reason. They mostly occurred during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries…but there’s always been a lingering feeling like it could happen again.

5 Young Albus Dumbledore

No, we’re not talking about the younger version of Dumbledore shown in Crimes of Grindelwald. By that point, Dumbledore had accomplished quite a lot. There were also plenty of skeletons in his closet by that point. And that’s exactly what we want to see.

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In Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter published a novel called The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. This biography threw Harry into a tailspin, making him question everything his late mentor had told him. Here we learned that Albus had a younger sister who died in mysterious circumstances, an older brother he doesn’t speak to, and so much more. Not to mention the friendship he once had with Grindelwald himself. All of this would make for a fantastic, and quite possibly dark, movie for the fans to see.

4 The First World War

We’ve heard it mentioned a few times, but did you know that the wizards participated in World War I? They were somewhat forced to, as once one country had wizards fighting on their side, the others needed to balance the scales. The Muggles would, after all, be quickly outmatched otherwise.

There is a lot of potential here as well. For example, Theseus Scamander, Newt’s brother, became a war hero during that time. It’s one of the reasons that Theseus has such a good reputation by the time Crimes of Grindlewald comes around. Plenty of other named characters were involved but to a lesser degree. Plus there’s always the option to create a new character, or set of characters, to take the focus in the plot.

3 Dragon Taming Attempts

During the course of Harry Potter, there were plenty of dragon appearances. However, there’s still quite a lot they can do with this concept. It wouldn’t take much work either, considering how many characters adored the dangerous creatures.

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Charlie Weasley is the first dragon lover to come to mind. He barely appears in the books, due to most of his time being spent in Romania working with dragons. In fact, in the movies Charlie and Bill are blended into one character, dropping a lot of Charlie’s quirks in the process.

The other possibility would be Newt Scamander. During World War I, he worked with a team that tried to get Ukrainian Ironbellies, a breed of dragons, to help out on the Eastern Front. It didn’t go well, and ultimately the project was scrapped. However, many fans would still kill to see the attempt shown in the film.

2 The Aurors

Aurors and Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald

Another popular request from fans is an Aurors movie or TV series. There is so much potential with the Aurors. They could follow any of the named ones we’ve seen, such as Mad-Eye Moody, or they could even create a new Auror in a different city or timeline and run with that.

The Aurors have the difficult task of taking down witches and wizards that have crossed the line and started breaking magical laws. They have to master many different skills before they can take on the job, and even then their chances of survival aren’t the highest.

1 The Marauders

Probably the first request most fans would make would be seeing a Marauders movie or TV series. This has been such a popular concept that there’s a veritable ton of fanfiction floating around online, as fans desperately try to fill the void.

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The Marauders was a group comprised of four Gryffindor boys; James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Together these four got into endless amounts of mischief (and probably gave more than few gray hairs to their head of house). They managed incredible magical feats as well; things that should not have been possible for most adult wizards, let alone four teenage boys.

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