Harry Potter: 10 Spells He Didn't Teach Dumbledore's Army (That He Should Have)

Harry did a good job of teaching Dumbledore's Army some spells, but he left a few out. Here are 10 spells he should've taught his fellow rebels

After years of essentially waiting to be attacked and just hoping that he could weather whatever storm was coming his way, Harry Potter finally decided to be a bit more proactive by creating the Dumbledore's Army. When the dark lord returned, the world didn't want to accept it. But Harry knew that he had to prepare himself for the reality of the situation.

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But instead of just readying himself for war, Harry decided to teach many of his fellow Hogwarts students how to defend themselves and fight against the coming darkness too. Harry undeniably did all of the members of the DA a huge favor with his renegade education however, it seems like there were some gaps in his curriculum that should have been filled. So here are 10 spells that Harry didn't teach to the DA, but that he clearly should have.

10 Obliviate

If anything could ever demonstrate how vitally important the ability to erase someone's memories can be, it's the fact that Gilderoy Lockhart managed to become a successful and famous wizard solely on the back of his obliviating skills. And Lockhart was just using it for his own convenience.

The ability to erase the mind of an adversary is obviously a pretty great one, and a talented and experienced obliviator can end a fight with one spell if they do it right. Plus, clearly no one in the DA wants to hurt anyone, even their enemies, so learning how to take them into custody quietly seems pretty essential.

9 Episkey

Luna Lovegood demonstrated the usefulness of this spell when she quickly healed Harry Potter's broken nose after Draco Malfoy had stomped on it. And although Dumbledore's Army clearly focused on more proactive spells, this particular charm seems like it would be an absolute necessity for anyone who regularly participates in wizards duels at some point.

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The Army did need to know how to fight against Death Eaters and any dark wizards that they might come across, but the reality of the situation is that they likely wouldn't be able to get into multiple confrontations without being physically harmed at some point, and a spell that can heal small wounds would come in handy.

8 Finite Incatatem

When it comes to a legitimate face off between some witches and/or wizards it's safe to say that often times knowing a counter-spell is as important as knowing a spell itself. But realistically speaking, it takes a very quick mind to hear a spell and come up with the exact counter-spell in the time that it takes for the spell to leave the wand.

So that is where finite incantatem steps in. This spell is just a general counter-spell that stops other spells in their tracks. It typically works on simpler and easier spells, but it's an incredibly useful spell to have on hand.

7 Incarcerous

Zacharias Smith and Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Much like many of the other spells in the Harry Potter world, the incarcerous spell is what it sounds like. It's a spell designed to capture a specific target by tying them up with conjured ropes.

This spell is a pretty complex one, as it requires conjuring ropes from literal thin air, but for witches and wizards who are going up against genuine magical criminals it seems like a pretty essential skill set to have. At the very least it gives a witch or wizard ample time to escape their opponent, and ideally it will keep them under wraps until help arrives.

6 Obscuro

In the world of Harry Potter there are actually quite a few different kinds of spells that alter what can be seen, but obscuro seems like a really simple and eternally useful spell for this particular need.

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Instead of altering the appearance of the surrounding area or altering what the opponent is capable of seeing, the obscuro spell literally conjures a blindfold and blinds the opponent. This seems like a pretty ideal situation when two witches and wizards are fighting, because instead of altering a portion of what they can see or what is being seen this spell just stops them from seeing completely.

5 Disillusionment Charm

The disillusionment charm is a pretty similar idea to the obscuro charm, it just plays out in a slightly different way. The disillusionment charm is a spell that allows the caster to blend in with the surrounding environment. It doesn't make the caster invisible, it turns them into some kind of chameleon, changing their appearance to match the area around them.

This spell is actually how many invisibility cloaks have been created, and it's handy because it can cause both an object or a person to transform in appearance and completely blend in with their surroundings.

4 Legilimens

Dumbledores Army Members At The Ministry For Magic In Harry Potter

A lot of the spells that Harry seems to have taught to Dumbledore's Army are spells that are extremely useful in a one on one showdown situation, but it seems like it would have behooved them to train the Army how to handle a larger variety of situations.

Legilimency is an extremely difficult and complex skill to learn, but when you're at war there are basically infinite uses for this kind of ability. Gleaning information from your opponent is always a good thing, and the DA learning how to read minds would have been an incredibly helpful skill in the long run.

3 Evanesco

It's hard to underestimate how helpful making things or people disappear can be when you're in a fight with another magician, so Harry really should have covered all of his bases and taught the DA how to do it a dozen different ways. Evanesco, also known as the vanishing spell, is yet another way to make things disappear.

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But evanesco is arguably the most powerful spell of it's kind, because it literally makes things disappear into thin air. It isn't the kind of spell you want to use without being very skilled at it and familiar with it though, which is why Harry should have given the DA practice.

2 Imperio

Okay, so obviously teaching the DA any unforgivable curses is a pretty risky proposition since using them is literally a crime. However, the reality of their situation is that most of the people they were going to fight against would be ready, willing, and able to use it themselves.

The imperius curse is absolutely invaluable when used against an adversary, and although it is an unforgivable curse it is honestly a much safer and easier way to end a fight than most other spells and curses. Plus, sometimes you just need to fight fire with fire, and the DA should at least know how to use the curse in case of emergency.

1 Crucio

Not to take the whole creation and existence of Dumbledore's Army to the darkest conclusion possible, but honestly teaching the DA the cruciatus curse seems like it would have been a good idea.

If the kids were serious about fighting against the Death Eaters and dark lord himself, then knowing how to perform the cruciatus curse on someone and more importantly how the cruciatus curse feels seems like a pretty useful experience. If the DA wasn't ready to stoop to the level of the Death Eaters, it seems unlikely that they could have put up much of a fight.

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