Harry Potter: 10 Snape Logic Memes Only True Potterheads Understand

Severus Snape is one of the most interesting characters in the entire Harry Potter series. He is also by far the funniest character to make memes out of. There's just something about that potions master that screams "meme-worthy."

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We don't know what it is. Maybe it's his relatable hatred for humankind. Maybe it's his lustrous hair. Perhaps it's his fabulous sense of style. Whatever it is, Snape has become a total internet icon, and we kind of love it. So without further ado, here are the 10 most hilarious Snape logic memes that will take you back to the most magical series of all time.

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10 You'll Float Too

This meme has us screaming with laughter! If only Snape had said this line in the film because that would just perfectly capture the professor's sarcastic essence. Seriously, this man is the absolute king of sass and no one should even attempt to mess with him.

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If they do, they will be most certainly be met with one of his classic witty burns. That's just how the half-blood prince rolls! Why fear being hit with the "Avada Kedevra" spell when being hit with Snape's epic comebacks is a million times more painful?

9 Jorah And Snape Should Bond Over Tea

While watching Game of Thrones we assume Ser Jorah is the king of getting friend-zoned by the love of his life, but then we recall Harry Potter and that theory comes to die. Although Jorah Mormont faces severe heartache when he must grapple with the fact that Khaleesi will never love him in the same way he loves her, we feel as though Professor Snape has it way worse.

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Perhaps this is because Snape just seems way more emotionally vulnerable than Jorah. Snape seems like the dude who writes his feelings down in a Lisa Frank diary when no one's looking. He also seems like he listens to Sarah Mclachlan on repeat, but maybe that's just us.

8 King Of Sass

The king of sass strikes again!

Snape is totally all of us when it comes to sharing food. In that way, he is the total "Joey" of the friend group. In fact, now that we think about it, Severus is pretty greedy when it comes to a lot of things in his life. He doesn't want people to take his food in the same way that he doesn't want people taking his girlfriend who's not his real girlfriend (and never will be). We're talking about you, Lily Evans. Someone may have stolen his girl, but no one and we repeat no one will ever steal his pie...

*Snape has left the chat*.

7 Snape Of You

If Snape was still alive today we are certain that he would be the ultimate Ed Sheeran stan. Snape may have a hard exterior, but once you get to know him you will quickly realize that he is as much of a hopeless romantic as a lovesick schoolgirl.

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All he wants is some affection and romance in his life. Is that so much for the greaseball to ask for?? He may have a ton of power in the wizarding world but what's the joy of being the one true master of dark arts without the warmth of a woman in his life? *Snape ugly cries into page 394*.

6 Snape Needs To Chill

It's a little ridiculous how much of a grudge holder Professor Snape is. If there were ever a contest to be held over who can hold the longest grudge, we are almost certain the potion's master would win be a landslide. He is terrible and childish when it comes to his hatred towards the house of Gryffindor, all because he had negative experiences with the house of the brave decades earlier. Get over it, Snape! The current Gryffindors are literally children and they have nothing to do with your past. We don't understand why Dumbledore let Snape get away with this sort of behavior...

5 Mr. Snape

We don't know why, but "Mr. Snape" just sounds so much funnier than "Professor Snape". It's like calling Professor Dumbledore "Mr. Dumbledore". Can you imagine an alternate universe where the professors were addressed this way?

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Perhaps Harry Potter would be the ultimate comedy series if this were the case rather than a fantasy series. Honestly, this seems like something that Fred and George Weasley would be totally down to do. Where are those crazy twins when you need them?

Oh, wait... *cries in ginger*.


4 That Explains It...

Honestly, as funny as this is, it's probably 100% true. Snape is unhealthily obsessed with Potter's mom, who has never returned his sad-boy feelings to begin with. Even after Lily's death, Snape still probably keeps his hair unwashed because of her touch. If this is supposed to be chivalrous or something, we'd much rather have chivalry be dead! This is just next level, my greasy-haired friend. Perhaps try going on wizard tinder? Is that a thing? If not it definitely should be because this guy needs to move on, like, yesterday.

3 Severus Snape Or Gretchen Weiners

Voldemort and his posse of death eaters may come across as scary, but they've got absolutely nothing on most high school girls. Basically, when it comes down to it, The Dark Lord is Regina George, Snape is Gretchen Weiners, and Bellatrix is Karen Smith. If you observe the photo above, you can practically hear her saying "I'm a mouse, duh...".

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This meme makes all the more sense considering the fact that in the first movie Voldemort had a nose and during his reappearance in the fourth, he no longer had one... That dude definitely had a nose job, but we won't tell his secrets if he won't tell ours...

2 That Sneaky Snake...

Throughout the books and films, it has long been debated as to whether or not Snape is good or evil. The question as to which side Snape is on had been heavily advertised in the media during the height of the Potter books, asking if Snape is considered a friend or a foe. Turns out, he's kind of a solid mix of both. Sure, he was protecting Harry all along, and sure, he had a soft spot for his mom, but he was still kind of a terrible teacher if we're going to be real here. There is no good excuse for terrifying children just for kicks, and that is something Snape chooses to do on the regular. What's up with that?

1 Snape's Logic Is Flawless, Right?

Imagine a world where your least favorite teacher was only terrible to you because he got friend-zoned by your mom back in grammar school... If you think about it this way, you see how skewed Snape's "logic" is. Snape may be brilliant when it comes to his potions but when it comes to his social skills he gets one big fat F. Now that's a man who (in the words of Ron Weasley) needs to sort out his priorities...

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