Harry Potter: 10 Slytherin VS Ravenclaw Memes That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Creating a house-points system at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is bad enough, but when we consider the logic behind Slytherin or Gryffindor always winning at everything in the Harry Potter world, it makes even less sense. Why would the school's most faithful and most sagacious houses vie for last spot every year? Some fans speculate that the two houses simply don't care as much as the Gryffindor and Slytherin houses, which are home to wizards who crave fame and glory.

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Still, Slytherin and Ravenclaw are easily the houses where the most brilliant wizards are raised, and it makes sense for them to have some serious rivalry as a result. When pitting the snake against the eagle, Hogwarts-style, which Harry Potter house will come out on top, Slytherin or Ravenclaw?

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10 Ravenclaws Don't Matter?

This Quick Meme spoof of Who's Line Is It? proves that fans largely think that all Slytherins are evil people, despite the fact that Merlin was a Slytherin and it was Severus Snape, the anti-hero of the story, who made it possible for Harry to save the world in the first place. It also demonstrates how fans believe Ravenclaws don't matter, which is largely true in the books and films.

How often, after all, are Ravenclaws even helpful? While Luna Lovegood comes in handy once in a while, there really aren't many notable Ravenclaw students in the series, particularly any who are helpful against Voldemort. This is illogical since it's supposed to be the house of the smarty pants people.

9 Slytherin Is Clever, Too

If Slytherins and Ravenclaws studied together, they would definitely be a magical force to be reckoned with, as this meme proves. Ravenclaw might make a comment about the nature of nomenclature, preening on their own cleverness, and Slytherin simply darts in with their own cunning logic to ruin the entire thought.

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Not only is it funny because it proves how Slytherin is just as clever, but that the house of snakes is better at the punchlines, and owning Ravenclaw--at least this time. Ravenclaw doesn't even have a reply here: just Inigo Montoya's flabbergasted face. This study group could be over.

8 Mutual Hatred?

Meme creator @jadynkro points out that Slytherin and Ravenclaw are so evenly matched that they might as well form an alliance against those annoying Gryffindors. Slytherin typically gets the bad rap and Ravenclaw is often wholly ignored, but Gryffindor is known for producing some of the most bombastic glory hounds in the wizarding world.

It's not Slytherin or Ravenclaw who continuously disregards the rules, seeks out attention and gets not only spared from expulsion but rewarded for it--it's Gryffindor who does! So why not form an unholy snake-eagle alliance against the lion (while leaving the kindly badger alone)?

7 Being Friends With The Brain

Slytherins are clever and cunning, but they don't always have deep thoughts about the universe, which is why this meme by rubyjones1332 is so on point. If Ravenclaw and Slytherin did ever team up as BFFs, Slytherin might have a tough time figuring out why Ravenclaw would waste all of that brain power trying to figure out the weirdest questions, like whether dogs think about thumbs or not.

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Ravenclaw, in turn, might wonder why Slytherins spend all of their cunning skills focused on how to improve their social status and achieve lofty goals rather than on learning all there is to know, even if it means considering conundrums that aren't even real problems.

6 Devious Minds Think Alike

Who could get away with murder, Slytherin or Ravenclaw? The obvious answer is both, which is quite disturbing to Hufflepuff! This meme proves that both Hogwarts Houses have contemplated the deed, and while Slytherin, who would likely use an Avada Kedavra curse to execute someone as quickly and easily as possible, sees the rain as an easy postmortem clean-up aid, Ravenclaw is even more cunning with their wits.

They point out that cleanup wouldn't even be necessary with the right weapon, which likely impresses Slytherin and merely horrifies poor Hufflepuff, who would be to kind to even contemplate such a thought. Gryffindor, although not pictured, would obviously not care about the mess, wanting as much attention as possible.

5 When Slytherin Bursts Your Bubble

When the most devious Hogwarts House points out the flaws in the logic of the most wise House, it stings. Ravenclaw truly didn't think this one out, and as this meme demonstrates, Slytherin's cunning mind can definitely outsmart Ravenclaw, at least on occasion. It also demonstrates just how stealthy Slytherin can be.

Just look at that pregnant pause. It truly epitomizes Slytherin. Slytherin absolutely knew which two words Ravenclaw had already jotted down and was simply waiting for the rest of the details to make that quip. It wasn't only a masterful revelation but it was also completed with a perfectly-timed response.

4 Ravenclaw Can Be Mean, Too

Fans of the series always picture Slytherin as the coldest, cruelest Hogwarts House, but this meme proves that Ravenclaw can be pretty cutting as well. As Slytherin's Gryffindor and Hufflepuff buddies assure them why they're such a catch, Ravenclaw makes it clear that they don't see why. Slytherin's best qualities, according to them, is that they have a name and they have hair!

This is a definite nod to Ravenclaw's wit, which is often more useful in crafting an insult than sheer malice alone, which is what fans have seen Slytherin throw at Gryffindor (and vice versa) throughout the Harry Potter books and films.

3 Half-Empty, Half-Full

Sometimes it's just all about how you see something. According to this meme, Ravenclaw thinks it's Slytherin who has the problem with their lousy outlook of other people. Slytherin simply pulls a Yoda and flips the script,  maintaining that it's not them who have an issue, but pretty much everyone else on the planet.

It's not even "Gryffindors are the worst," here, or even a jab against muggles, but just general "people," showing a truly dark side of Slytherin in this scenario. It's especially funny meme for the introvert Slytherins who avoid people at all costs to use to demonstrate days when they want to be left alone.

2 You Can't Fool The Sorting Hat

There's often a fine line between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, and this meme proves that the Sorting Hat knows what it is: intention. Someone who is incredibly clever might be sorted into either Hogwarts House, but as soon as their intentions are clear, that's where the delineation is set. If the person wants to brew fame, bottle glory and generally rise to power, Slytherin is good choice, and Slytherin in this meme owns it.

The Sorting Hat is almost like a reproachful Professor McGonagall in this scenario as the choice is given, and in the end it's no longer a choice since Slytherin revealed their true colors while making the decision.

1 Business Operations

One of the most hilarious Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw memes points out that even while Slytherin is flirting with Ravenclaw with a trite and well-known pickup line, Ravenclaw is totally oblivious to the social implications, focusing instead on the literal meaning of the line and picking it apart. 

The funniest thing about this scenario is that Ravenclaw is more cunning that Slytherin, but without meaning to be. It's almost a sick burn, especially if Slytherin were truly interested only to be scolded about their poor business model. In return, Ravenclaw walks away thinking Slytherin isn't nearly as cunning or clever, and likely not worth their time.

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