Harry Potter: 10 Slytherin Memes That Prove It's The Sneakiest House

Draco and Gang

Every Harry Potter fan can probably list each Hogwarts house and the ideal qualities of that house off the top of their heads. Gryffindor values bravery and boldness. Ravenclaw values wit and wisdom. Hufflepuff values loyalty and hard work. And Slytherin values ambition and cunning. And there's nothing wrong with ambition and cunning on their own, however, it's easy to see how the values of Slytherin might come naturally to some not so morally upstanding or kind people.

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Slytherin gets a bad rap for being the bad house or even the evil house, and that is for the most part completely unwarranted. But if there is one thing that Slytherin undoubtedly is though, it's sneaky. Cunning is literally a synonym for sneaky, so it's no surprise that their students put the sly in Slytherin. And apparently many Potter fans have picked up on this, because here are 10 memes that undeniably prove that Slytherin is the sneakiest Hogwarts house.

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10 Creepy People Gonna Creep

I don't think it would surprise anyone in the world to see someone from Slytherin acting like a bit of a creep, and it would also not at all be surprising for the Slytherins to be cracking jokes about the Chamber of Secrets when so many dangerous and crazy shenanigans are going in the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of it. Also in case it wasn't clear to everyone on planet earth, if any Slytherin inquires about slithering in to your own personal chamber of secrets then they are absolutely not talking about Hogwarts!

9 Well, They Are Telling Father About This

What is that old saying? That there's one person's experience of the truth, another person's experience of the truth, and the real truth lies somewhere in the middle? Well, such is the case with Slytherin and this meme.

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Slytherin has the worst reputation of all of the Hogwarts houses, and in some cases that mistrust is well earned, but they really do get a bad rap when often times they don't deserve it. Yes, they have prejudiced and elitist jerks in their ranks, but the qualities that made them a fit for Slytherin wasn't the fact that they're pureblood maniacs.

8 The Name Just Lends Itself To So Many Jokes

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is a massive fan of wordplay, and every bizarre name that she uses in the wizarding world is guaranteed to have a double meaning. The same thing goes for the Hogwarts houses and their very silly names. The inspiration for Slytherin seems obvious, it literally sounds like "slithering" and the mascot animal of their house is the slithering snake. However, the name and the word definitely lends itself to a lot of silly (and sometimes dirty) puns. Every Hogwarts house needs to have a sense of humor, and it seems like Slytherin had that forced on them.

7 We're Scary But We're Cool, Right?

House Slytherin definitely has the worst reputation of all of the Hogwarts houses, but it's a reputation that the house of Slytherin itself does seem to lean into quite a bit. Ambition and cunning are supposed to be the qualities that make Slytherin shine, but it seems like most Slytherins are more than happy to be intimidating and scary to a lot of the other Hogwarts students. But the unfortunate reality of the situation is that no matter how badass the Slytherins want to make themselves seem, they are at their hearts just very typical Hogwarts students with edgelord attitudes.

6 Their Reputation Precedes Them

What's fun and interesting about this particular meme is the double meaning behind it. On the one hand, it can be interpreted to mean that Slytherin breaks the rules with ill intentions so therefore they deserve to be reprimanded for breaking them. But on the other hand, it goes to show the automatic disfavor that Slytherin gets in any circumstances.

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People assume the worst, so they're more likely to get in trouble for their behaviors even if other students are being just as sneaky, underhanded, or downright mean. But Slytherins do love feeling like they're badasses, so undoubtedly most of them aren't as salty about getting called out for their behavior.

5 Note Which House Doesn't Need To Hide

Always listen to Antoine Dodson, kids! His delivery may be silly but he's absolutely right. Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws better duck and cover because they're petrifying everybody up in here. Except for Slytherins, apparently. Maybe they're just a lucky house or maybe they're being especially blessed by the basilisk that belonged to Salazar Slytherin, but the students of house Slytherin need to worry just a little bit less about the basilisk threat and they all seem to know that. Or you know, they were selected to be in the house of Salazar Slytherin and Salazar was nutty enough to hide a basilisk in a building filled with children, so maybe they're just as nutty and unaware of the obvious danger it presents.

4 Doing The Snake Lord's Work

You know, given the fact that house Slytherin is a squad of intimidating bullies, and Salazar Slytherin was a paranoid weirdo, and that a giant snake murdered children in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you might get the impression that snakes are kind of scary animals. And yes, yes they are. But scary doesn't mean they're bad! Yes, a snake could mess you up, but it won't unless provoked, much like the students in house Slytherin (most of them at least). And snakes might be intimidating, but you'd much rather have them on your side instead of going up against you.

3 Same Draco, Same

Real life friends are overrated, Malfoy. The students in house Slytherin probably have the most difficult time making friends, especially outside of their own house. And that could be because some of them are on the mean side, but it's very likely that it's because Slytherin has such a reputation for being the mean house too.

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And let's not understate the value of internet friends here! Yes, you might not know them in person, but they're friends who sincerely like you for the person you are and aren't judging you based on anything external, like what Hogwarts house you're in for instance.

2 We All Know Dumbledore Plays Favorites

Realistically speaking yes, house Slytherin has a horrible reputation that is partially unfair. But once your house produces the most evil wizard who ever lived, then it's a reputation that is kind of earned. And while Dumbledore, of all people, should be judicious and fair towards every Hogwarts house, it's not a huge surprise that Slytherin isn't his favorite. But that being said, dude should really be keeping his prejudices on the inside instead of actively screwing over Slytherin in public at every opportunity, ironically he's embodying one of the worst Slytherin traits by behaving the way he does towards the house of the snake.

1 So Pretty Much Like You Normally Look Then

Slytherin does get dragged within an inch of its life by many in the Harry Potter fan community, and in all fairness that dragging is sometimes earned. And while many Potterheads would be aghast at the thought that they were in the "evil" house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it's safe to say that any student who winds up at Slytherin definitely wants to be there. And as JK Rowling said herself, Slytherin isn't the evil house, it's just the house that happens to produce an above average amount of dark wizards, which only goes to show what happens when good qualities like ambition and cunning go wrong.

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